Welcome to the FAF Client/Server BETA!

We’re running a public beta test of the upcoming client and server update before rolling it onto our production server.

Please download the BETA client here.  You need to do this from your favorite web browser:

A few things to note:

  1. It will install alongside your normal FAF client.
  2. You can’t run the BETA and normal client at the same time.
  3. After installation, the BETA client can be launched via the “FA Forever BETA” icon on your desktop.
  4. The BETA client uses a new server, so you won’t see games from the normal server there.  Only games that are hosted on the new BETA server.
  5. Things to focus testing on:
  •  Ladder (Did you get matched with someone you expected or not?)
  •  Custom games (Please test as many concurrent players connecting at the same time as possible)

If you find any problems…

Please report any issues in the tech support section of our forums, make sure to mark the thread with “BETA” clearly.   The tech support forum is here:

About the changes…

The server has seen a major rework in many areas and should perform faster than our current one.

The client has had some minor visible changes, most notably it will automatically reconnect when it loses connection.  Other than that, it was mostly updated to work with the new server.

A tentative changelog can be found here.

Feel free to post feedback in tech support or send me a PM in IRC. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this work! See the contributors here and here. – Sheeo

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