Empire ladder week has begun!

The mighty ladder warrior!

Empire ladder week is starting at 0pm GMT+1 ! 11/04/2016

We have set up channels in our TS server so you can join them and chill with us while playing ladder. Simply PM an [e] clan member for the IP. We aim to always have at least one stream running at all times. when you have to go, simply host someone else’s ladder stream on there to keep it going. There is a separate channel for playing and for dual casting, ect. We can add more channels if you require them. We encourage you to participate and stream, and you can start late if you wish, and everyone is welcome!

We will be keeping track of replays during the week and maintain a leader-board here.

If you want to participate ask us an we will give you permission to edit this google dog. Its your responsibility to make sure your replays get on there! either ask someone or ask for editing rights!

The commander with the most points at the end of the week will be AWARDED the prestigious Ladder Warrior Avatar!
Its colour’s can even be customized to suit!


FA Update ladder

Lobby 0.10.94 – New matchmaker function.


  • Fixing an error with corrupted replays.
  • Custom map pool for the matchmaker.

How is matchmaker working now?

You are now selecting the maps you want to play out of 80+ maps.

When you are matched against someone, the server is checking both players map list, make a common pool of your maps, and randomly choose one in that list.

What if I didn’t select any map, or there is no common maps?

You need to have at least 15 maps in common.

If it’s not the case, the server is throwing a dice. Depending of the result (random), it will complete the list to have 15 maps with one of these rules :

  • Select the top selected/popular maps. (it’s similar to constant poll over the map list).
  • Randomly select map in the map pool of player 1.
  • Randomly select map in the map pool of player 2.

For the last two cases, if it still doesn’t have 15 maps at the end, it will use the first case to complete the list.

If there is no common map, you have 33% chances of having a map of your list, 33% of having a popular map (can be ones of your list), and 33% chances of playing the favorite map of your enemy.

If there are some common maps, the chances of having a map of your list are of course higher.

So, to have more chances to play a map you like, you have to select at least 15 of them, but it’s not mandatory.


Season 5 – New rules

The rules for season 5 have changed.


You start at 0 point, in the scout league.

Once you’ve reach a new league, your score is reset. You can’t go back to a previous league.

You can’t go lower than 0 point.

Winning/Losing points:

  • You gain 0.5 points for beating a player of inferior league 1 point for same league / 1.5 point for higher league.
  • You lose 0.5 points for losing to a equal league player.
  • You lose 1 point for losing to an inferior league player.

Leagues and divisions:

Scout League : needs 50 points to move on to the T1 league

  • Division Mole = less than 10 points.
  • Division  Spirit = more than 10 points, less than 20.
  • Division Snoop = more than 20 points, less than 30.
  • Division Selen = more than 30, less than 40.
  • Division Mech Marine = between 40 and 50.


T1 League : needs 75 points to move on to the t2 league.

  • Division Striker = less than 15 points.
  • Division Thaam = more than 15 points, less than 30.
  • Division Aurora = more than 30 points, less than 45.
  • Division Zthuee = more than 45, less than 60.
  • Division Mantis = between 60 and 75.


T2 League : needs 100 points to move on to the t3 league.

  • Division Blaze = less than 20 points.
  • Division Pillar = between 20 and 40.
  • Division Obsidian = between 40 and 60.
  • Division Wagner = between 60 and 80.
  • Division Ilshavoh = between 80 and 100.


T3 League : needs 125 points to move on to the Experimental league

  • Division Loyalist = less than 25 points.
  • Division Titan = between 25 and 50 points.
  • Division Othuum = between 50 and 75 points.
  • Division Harbinger = between 75 and 100 points.
  • Division Percival = between 100 and 125 points.


Experimental League :

  • Division MonkeyLord = less than 50 points.
  • Division Fatboy = between 50 and 100 points.
  • Division Ythotha = between 100 and 150 points.
  • Division Colossus = between 150 and 200 points.
  • Division Megalith = More than 200 points.

League Season 4 – The champions!

The league season 4 has ended, and here are the winners !

The winners won a League Season 4 Champion avatar (gold, silver and bronze) for life !

They also won the possibility to choose the map pool for the next season !

 Scout League :

  1. Hixtory
  2. Ichor
  3. Reeso


Tier 1 League :

  1. Lame
  2. Zhenia261
  3. Tekno


Tier 2 League :

  1. ttplayer
  2. RnD_Sckrejjet
  3. FLOOD


Tier 3 League :

  1. quit
  2. seethinglong
  3. Crazy_Cossack


XP League :

  1. lyrana
  2. Commander_Adama
  3. Isen_


Congratulations to them !


League Season 4 !

The league season 4 has started !justiceLeague

The ladder is as followed (given by the winners of the last season) :

  • 8 – Badlands_v4
  • loki
  • TAG_Craftious Maximus
  • TAG_Voi_Vittu
  • Twin Rivers
  • Setons Lite
  • Forbidden Pass
  • Seraphim Glaciers
  • Theta Passage
  • Fields of Isis
  • Canis River
  • Syrtis Major
  • Sentry Point
  • Roanoke Abyss
  • Arctic Refuge
  • Vya-3 Protectorate
  • Four-Leaf Clover
  • Blasted Rock
  • Ambush Pass
  • Crag Dunes
  • Williamson’s Bridge
  • Haven Reef
  • The Dark Heart
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Balvery Mountains
  • Summer Duel
  • desert arena
  • White Fire v2
  • Cobalt Valley – Beta v4

This season will be longer than usual, ending the 22 december (it will cover almost two seasons to catch up with the late ending of season 3). A map change may happen at mid-season.