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Call for Java Developers

Times change and so does FAF. This is a call to all Java developers, who are hiding in the shadows and want to contribute but were not interested in contributing to the current stack of Python code.

We have a huge pile of new emerging Java projects, that look out for new developers and maintainers. So let me give you a small briefing about the projects:

  • Galactic War backend server will be an integral component of our new GW reboot. Work has “just started” and there is still much to do.
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Camunda BPM, Websockets / STOMP, Elide, JPA
    • Interested? Join slack channel #galactic-war
  • Java server is a reimplementation of the current Python lobby server. We hope to improve the development speed, deliver new metrics for our users and finally overwork the network protocol (while staying compatible to the old client protocol).
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Integration, JPA
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-server
  • Java API is supposed to replace the current Python API eventually. The primary focus is to speed up API development for new functionalities, as no current developers wants to work on the Python API any further.
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Elide, JPA
    • Side note: There are also approaches to develop a Typescript-based API. We decided that both can coexist together.
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-api
  • Downlord’s client is an alternative client to the classic python client. This is fancy frontend stuff using JavaFX. It’s already in a working state, but still has a lot of features waiting to be implemented.
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-client-dev

If you want to join us in Slack, please contact an administrator/moderator on the forums or in our in-client chat (white names at the top) so that we can invite you to our Slack project.

You can also join us on Discord.

We are waiting for you!
– Brutus5000, Dragonfire



Future of FAF.


This is the second post I will write as myself (Ze_PilOt).

As you read it last post, I feel done with this project.

It has been, and still is, a ton of fun to do. Sadly after three years of full commitment, it’s becoming a burden and it is time for me to move on.

Hopefully, after signing a written agreement/contract, a member of this community will take care of everything related to FAF (hosting server, domain name, source code,….).

So what is coming next for you? What is it changing?

The support inquiries, complaints or any kind of question related to FAF must be directed to the new owner.

On my side, I will help the new owner the next 3 months to understand how everything works, and make sure that everything keep working correctly.

At the same time, I will write a basic documentation & comment for a release of the server code as soon as possible under a GPL v3 license, including Galactic War of course.

As the server is code represent 40.000 lines of code, it will take some time before something reliable can be released. Please be patient.

For the patches, nothing is decided yet, so it will continue accordingly to the current plans, until further notice (meaning a patch release next month -october-, and one in december).

It is also very likely that the server will be upgraded in the meantimes (it has some HD issues once again this morning, hopefully fixed by Rienzilla).

Now, I will let speak the new owner so he can present himself ….

Hi everyone my username is Visionik.  You may have seen me around FAF.  To be honest I’m not all that great of an FAF player, but I really, really enjoy playing the game.  I am a software engineer by background, but for the last 15 years I’ve been an entrepreneur and investor.   I wanted to help move the FAF community, so I worked over the last two days to put together a deal that was good for Ze_PilOt and for the FAF community.

As part of the deal I put together with Ze_PilOt all of the FAF components will be released under a GPLv3 license as soon as possible.  I am also already working with the broader FAF community to create a plan for open group leadership of FAF moving forward.  It’s going to take some time to figure out the details, but in short I am not looking to be the single “new leader”.  I am looking to start a new era of group leadership.

I would like to sincerely thank Ze_PilOt for all of the work that he has put into FAF over the last years.   We would not have anything close to what we have today without his work.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me on FAF chat or on the forums!

FA Update roadmap

Simpler explanation about the change.


  • You can test it any time and give feedback on the forum (featured mod : engy redesign).
  • Nothing is written in stone, and it will goes through the usual test period (but has been already tested for months now).
  • It’s about removing dead-end paths (like upgrading multiple factories).
  • You can think of the HeadQuarter as the current T1/T3 factory. It’s indeed the same thing. You can still assist it like you did before, it’s still more efficient, but not by a long stretch like before.

Why is it either “that change + future change OR nothing in the future” ? Why not a “Not that change but other changes in the future” option ?

  • Even it does not alter the game more than you may think, it’s an important change that fit in the general design of FAF (making the game more fluid to play).
  • Some (vocal) people are against that, even if it (or any change) can be reverted any time if proven bad for gameplay. We want to see how many are really against such thing.
  • Even we think that this change is mandatory for FA to have a future, We don’t want to push something most people don’t want.
  • If the majority of you is against such change, FAF has probably (and sadly) reached its goal and have nothing to bring to FA anymore. (I do not believe that, but some people do).



The Nomads public discussion forum.

As you may know, The Nomads are a fith original faction for Forged Alliance.

It’s coming out of private beta soon, and the team want to know what you think about it.

You can discuss it here ! 

FA Update Lobby Update roadmap Server Update

New lobby version released ! Patch 3611 released !

thygrrr ( for the lobby part) and Raging Squirrel (for the web/vault part) spent the last month redoing the lobby for the first official public release.

Today, you will have access to a open-beta of this new lobby.

What does it mean ?

It’s not the definitive lobby. The code is entirely redone, and we need another round of beta test to be sure to solve all bugs and problems.
Some features are left out for now as we want to focus on only a fraction of the functions for now.
Some others features will be added later to this beta.
For example, the next step is redoing entirely the communication protocol with the server, to be able to add passworded lobbies, automatic refreshing of the lobby games, …

What are the missing features from the final version ?

The main missing one is the replay vault. But a lot of little neat features are missing. You will see them when the time will come

Coop and Galactic War tabs disappeared, did you drop the development ?

No at all. On the contrary, once the final version is released, these will be the main development focus. But for now, empty tabs are removed from the interface.
We are still aiming a first Galactic War public alpha test before the end of the second quarter of this year. Maybe later, don’t hold your breath. But it’s still planned.

Where is the FAFInstaller thingy ?

FAFInstaller is obsolete. It’s now merged inside the lobby.
Also, we don’t add files to your installation folder anymore.

That’s mean that you can remove the binFAF folder and all .faf files from there. It’s not needed anymore.

Where are the FAF files then ?

They are now in your COMMON_APPDATA folder (C:\ProgramData on most systems if you didn’t changed it).

You will also find FAF Lobby and FA logs there, in the logs folder. These are file needed when you make an error report

Why are we in 3611 now ? What is inside that patch ?

Bug fixes from 3610 :

  •  sorian AI will now use the new units from mods like BlackOps.
  • Removed chance (~50%) that air units, upon death, will vanish without a wreck and without crashing.
  •  Fixed uef acu drone/pod bug.
  • air units now leave wrecks in water.
  • Fixed UEF acu nano regen.
  • Some units had incorrect sphereSize hitboxes.