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replay server switch

Hello Commanders,

after a few weeks of testing we are now using the new replay server which was written by Mazernoob and Dragonite.

The old replay server had two big issues which we hope to resolve with this new server:
1. Broken replays due to the server not picking the correct file
2. The current server needs to be restarted on a regular basis due to high cpu load

If you have any issues with the new replay server then please inform us by posting on the tech support sub forum.

Best Regards,
~the dev team

Server Update Steam

Enforcing Steam-Link for all new accounts

When we activated the one-account-per-machine mechanism with the server update last week, we were aware that it is easy to circumvent for dedicated villains. Yet, we gave it a try before taking more drastic measures.

Unfortunately, as expected, people are circumventing it and continue their malicious behavior. As they can easily create new accounts once we ban them, we’re basically unable to ban such people.

Therefore, at the expense of FAF’s openness for new players, we decided to force Steam-Link for all accounts created after 2018-09-15 12:00 UTC.

This means that new users are required to:

  • Have a Steam account
  • Have Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance in their game library
  • Go through FAF’s Link Account to Steam process

Otherwise, they won’t be able to log in.

It really hurts me to enable this as it is going to be a big hurdle for anyone who wants to join FAF or bring their friends over. But unfortunately, this step seems necessary for now.

We will continue to improve the one-account-per-machine system and try to work out other options (like mobile phone validation) but since our resources are rather limited, it will likely take quite a while until we are ready to remove the Steam-Link restriction.

Thank you for your understanding,


Server Update

Enforcing one-account-per-machine

Dear FAF users,

As some of you might know, FAF has a one-account-per-machine policy. This is necessary as some folks invest an incredible amount of time in creating multiple FAF accounts in order to circumvent bans, manipulate ratings upload cheat maps or for any other malicious behavior that hurt the FAF community.

For quite a while now, this policy has not been technically enforced due to technical issues. This caused a lot of unnecessary work for our moderator team, which had to observe each account being created (about 100 per day) only to sort out and ban the malicious ones.

The technical issues have now been sorted out and the system re-enabled. This will result in some of you not being able to log in anymore if you have been using multiple accounts on the same machine. If that’s the case, please stick to your original account.

If you are using multiple accounts from the same machine by different people, each of you
has to link their account to your Steam account.

If you have any other problem, please contact a moderator on the forums.

– Downlord

Server Update

2018-02-12 Server Update v0.9.13

Today’s server update has been successful. Downtime was less than 15min.

  • The wait-1-day-to-play-or-link-to-steam limitation for new players has been removed
  • The improved one-account-per-machine system (a.k.a. UID system, a.k.a. smurf check) has been improved

I’d like to give you some background information since most people probably aren’t aware of what we’re fighting. There have been certain users who had fun performing the following steps:

  1. Create a new FAF account
  2. Circumvent the UID system so you can log in with that account
  3. Ruin other player’s games either by smurfing or by actively manipulating the lobby
  4. Get banned
  5. Repeat

We’re not sure why this would be any person’s hobby but apparently, it is.

While it’s impossible for us to implement a system that can’t be circumvented (unless we want to verify each player in person), we will continue to improve it as long as there are people who find joy in ruining other people’s games.

The new system will immediately ban accounts on login when it thinks the player is trying to circumvent it. In case of a false positive, the player can contact a moderator who will then verify the player manually.

It makes me really sad that we, the developers, need to waste so much time to implement such counter-measures. Think of all the improvements to FAF we could do instead.

If you’re one of those “hackers”, please reconsider the kind of person you want to be.

– Downlord

Server Update

Reminder: February 2018 Server Update

This is a friendly reminder of the upcoming server update next Monday, 2018-02-13.

This server update will remove the 1-day-or-steam-link limit and improve the anti-smurf mechanism. Since tests need to be done on the production server, several server restarts are to be expected.

Please expect FAF to be down from 08:00 – 12:00 UTC.

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