FA Update

Patch 3625.

This a quickfix to 3624.

  •  Reduced the Cerberus cybran DPS.
  • Removed the SCU teleport stun.
  • Added a teleport beacon on SCU teleport.
Lobby Update

Lobby Update : 0.8.19

Changelog :

  • Games are now listed by UID and not by game title to avoid jumpiness in the game lister.
  • Featured Mods support versionning and downgrading for replays – Only for replays newer than 827663.
  • Added a right-click menu on the replay vault to download replays.
  • Added a spoiler check box in the replay vault.
  • Showing the UID in the replay description for the replay vault.
  • Avoid showing the player twice in the game lister if he is already in that game.
  • Added a “/country” flag to FA parameters for a upcoming FA lobby update.

NOT related to this lobby update :

  • Increased the live replay delay to five (5) minutes.
  • Replays are now stored to the database directly. You need to go through this link to download one :



FA Update

Patch 3624 Released.

This is a quick fix, solving two small “imbalances” and some bugs, all thanks to Pip.

Balance change :

  • Mantis: turret turn = 100 (from 120), +10 compared to 3621 and before.
  • Titan Health and shield HP switch was forgotten.
  • Adding a blast radius effect (not dealing any damage) after a SCU teleport.
  • Adding a 10 seconds stun after a SCU teleport.

Bug fixes :

Colors :

  • Fixed order of colors so that blue and red are first (for automatch).
  • Changed red to “Cybran red”.
  • Removed light green that is too similar to white.
  • Changed light grey into a darker grey.
  • Checked that all the first 8 colors are not to difficult to distinguish for common color blind people.

In-Game fixes :

  • Fixed SAM homing missile not reaching their target with the new Area of Effect.
  • Fixed Aeon ships with Oblivion weapon (Destroyer, Battleship, Tempest) missing when turning.
  • Fixed the Rhino and Cerberus projectiles not able to hit moving targets.
  • Cerberus and Rhino lasers are now visible even if you don’t see the “source”.
  • Fixed the UEF Janus dropping its bombs often in a small zone in front of the target, dealing no damage or almost.

Yahoo !

Too many people using yahoo emails, and now they think we are spammers and block them.

So if you try to register to FA Forever with a yahoo mail, it won’t work for now.

The only solution for now is to use another mail account.


We need you !


First, for those who did not noticed the tags in the previous news, it was an april fool.
Galactic War is still planned for FAF only, and progressing well, and an alpha should be available by the end of the month.
It will lack a lot of functions, but it is only for testing the “engine”. More informations on that when it’s released.

Now, the main topic of this news : We need you !

Forged Alliance is a rather old game, that we play for years.
After all that time, it’s easy to lost track of what is intuitive or not.

That’s why I’ve made a little quizz to test your knowledge of the game.

Don’t worry, it’s not for judge you, but to get a overview of how the game is seen by rathe new players.

So even you are really new to the game, and actually especially if you are new, we need  you to take this quick quizz !

Please don’t cheat by checking answer to the internet. The goal is to check how intuitive the game is, that would defeat the purpose !


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When we hit at least 300 answers, a random draw from all participants will be done, and the winner will get an avatar of his choice !