Galactic War

Galactic War – Donations

  • In the last 3 days, donations were impossible because of a paypal problem. This is now fixed and you can donate again.
  • You don’t need a paypal account to donate : It goes through paypal, but you don’t need to create an account. :
  • Some people have donated to FAF paypal directly. This is nice, but please avoid it as much as possible : I can’t keep track of your rewards, and the indiegogo campaign won’t be increased.
    But by taking these donations, you can add +100 € to the amount of the indiegogo page.

Thank you for your support so far, and let’s reach that goal to make GW as good as possible !

FA Update Lobby Update Tournament

New featured mods + Update !

New featured mods are available !

Supreme Destruction

Prepare for a Supreme Destruction upgrade for Forged Alliance. This mod adds custom units, as well as tweaks the existing ones, it will change the experience of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. The mod is updated regularly, with tweaks and balance patches.

Main features:

  • Custom units
  • Rebalanced and tweaked existing units
  • Planned Orbital Warfare
  • More Experimentals
  • Expansion Addons to the base Supreme Destruction


Run for your life !

After a startup time of some minutes, the game will get smaller 25 times (with 1 min interval), until only a very little space in the middle is left.
Everything outside explodes.

Very fun mod to try absolutely !

Diamond mod

Diamond is updated !

The change log is available here !

A Diamond tournament will occur soon !

Galactic War

Galactic War – Interface mock-up.

To get you an idea of what Galactic War could look like, I’ve made a quick mock-up of it.

The area you see on the screen is a zoomed view of the map. You will be able to navigate around FA-style.

Preview of what the interface could be.
Preview of what the interface could be.

You can click it to enlarge.

Remember that this is not representative of what the final interface and functions will be.

You can also see some ideas for the rules :

  • You have to defend your planets first in order to gain attack points. But some attack points will be given to you everyday as a startup.
  • Attack points are necessary to attack a enemy territory. Different type of games are possible for each territory, each will cost a different amount of points.
  • You gain also credits from battle. You can spend these credits when attacking or defending a planet (give you bonuses/extra units), hire the nomads to help you, or contribute to the “game ender” of your faction (QAI Network for cybran).
  • Each faction will have his own chat, as well as an general network available to everybody.
  • What you can’t see in the mock-up are some map element to help you see the planets are currently under attack.

Go to to support the project !

Galactic War

Galactic War – Planet Editor.

The map will drawn in openGL, and the planets will be mapped spherical objects (with some dents for some planets).
I’m planning to use mapzone as the texture editor for planets.

Mapzone is a free, nodal, texture generator, that can allow me to create several planets just by tweaking some numbers.

I will create some presets so you will be able to play with it, and you will be able to submit me some of your art if you have contributed !

Planet Editor
Planet Editor
Galactic War

Galactic War – Game possibilities

Here is list of thing that might be possible to do in Galactic War :

Persistent wreckage : We you fight on a map, the wreckages of the previous battle are still there.

Asymmetric fights : ie. one player control a stream of units attacking another player.

Objectives missions : On top of the “classic” escorts missions, you may have solo-like objectives. ie the defending player have to protect some civilians, evacuate them. The attacking player has to take control of some strategic building to have some support.

Stupid fights : Remember the mission in supreme commander 2 when you have to capture a base against a constant stream of engys ?

maps POI : Some building might be “hackable” to take control of neutral defenses on the ground or satellites.

Home systems : When a faction is about to lose, their last stand will be on their home system. Each system will have specific attributes for the faction, making it harder to capture :
The seraphim planets are really close to a sun, resulting in a constant lose of HP for all units. The ACU/SCU regen fields counter it perfectly.
The cybran system is highly technological, and there is full radar coverage on each planet for every player, making the stealth mandatory.
The UEF system is of course the solar system, and UEF will have highly fortified bases.
The Aeon planet has some special ground making no-hovering units slower. Also, a lot of rivers and lakes.

To have a little chance to be implemented, we need to reach the goal !

So, support GW !