Season 3 map pool

Map poll results (PDF) : 222476

And the result is :

Map in :

  • Williamson’s Bridge
  • Winter Duel
  • White Fire
  • Saltrock Colony
  • Vale of isis
  • Moonlight Mesa
  • Island Zero
  • Waters of Isis 2v2

Map out :

  • Seraphim Glaciers
  • Fields of Isis
  • Syrtis Major
  • Eye of the Storm
  • On Melancholy Hillv3
  • canis 4v4 spezial edition
  • 8 – Badlands_v4
  • The Cold Place

The ladder map is now :

  • loki
  • Fields of Thunder
  • Vale of Isis
  • Canis River
  • Waters of Isis r001
  • Island Zero
  • TAG_Craftious Maximus
  • Moonlight Mesas
  • Moonlight
  • Twin Rivers
  • Desert Joust
  • Open Palms
  • Theta Passage
  • Winter Duel
  • Finn’s Revenge
  • Saltrock Colony
  • Four-Leaf Clover
  • Blasted Rock
  • Ambush Pass
  • Crag Dunes
  • Williamson’s Bridge
  • desert arena
  • Theta Passage 5
  • Dry Canyon v3
  • White Fire v2

Season 2 Champions !

The league season 2 has ended, and here are the winners !

The winners won a League Season 2 Champion avatar (gold, silver and bronze) for life !



Scout League :

  1. PuddleJumper with 580 points.
  2. Flynn with 443 points.
  3. Aldarion with 396 points.

Tier 1 League :

  1. olave with 313 points.
  2. silent with 295 points.
  3. tnt with 265 points.

Tier 2 League :

  1. Kung_Lao with 279 points.
  2. dunkleosteus with 267 points.
  3. ZUNNY with 200 points.

Tier 3 League :

  1. BC_Buettel with 124 points.
  2. C4RL170S_PT with 115 points.
  3. In-Com with 95 points.

XP League :

  1. BlackDeath with 336 points.
  2. WorstPlayerEver with 223 points.
  3. VoR_MadStork with 210 points.

Congratulations to them !



Ladder Season 3 ! Map poll vote.

The third season is about to begin !

The top 3 of each league from season 2 will be rewarded with an unique custom avatar, until season 4.

There will be given in about 15 days.

For now, you can vote for maps of season 3 by logging in with your FAF client.

Surveys link :

[php function=2]

Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.10.

Bug fix :

  • Fixed a bug when joining a tournament.

New feature :

  • Mumble voice connector (by Rienzilla) and dropping support for teamspeak.


It will make sure you are automatically put into a voice chat channel with your teammates (or fellow observers), as soon as you launch a game.

The plugin will launch mumble, connect it to a temporary mumble server, and make sure you are moved in and out of the correct channels when you play games.


  1. Install Mumble version 1.2.3 from
  2. Configure mumble to use Position Audio link :
    1. In Mumble, go to Configure -> Settings.
    2. Check the Advanced checkbox.
    3. Select the Plugins pane. Make sure “Link to Game and Transmit Position” is checked, and the “Link v.1.2.0” plugin is enabled.
  3. Enable the Mumble Connector in Faf. In FAF :
    1. go to Options -> Settings -> Voice.
    2. Check “Enable Mumble Connector”, and click finish.
  4.  Restart FAF.
FA Update

Balance Patch 3622 : Testing !

We’ve entered the next phase of the patch process : The testing.

During 25 days, we will put the proposals to the test.

Sometimes we will test “bad” changes to be sure they are bad, sometimes we will remove “good” changes because they are not so good.

No change is “safe”, even a 90% popular change can be removed if proven bad.
On the contrary, you can ask to test a (proposed) change for a day or two and post some replays proving it’s actually a good idea.

But this is only possible if you are part of the testing and give feedback from your games !
Remember that it is probably your chance to be heard until the next patch period (in three months).

The thread to give feedback is here :

The full logs are always available here : (you can click on the numbers to see a complete description).

You can test the mod in the featured mod list : “Balance Testing”.