FA Update

Lobby 0.10.85

With the recent addition of two majors features (mod vault & cooperative campaign), the lobby is now in 0.10.xx releases.

What’s new?

  • Cooperative leader board is in place. Fight for the best time!
  • Sounds for vanilla campaign is now working (thanks to Myromax and Complex). In a more general way, the lobby is now supporting additional sounds for custom maps.
  • The lobby has now an announce bar when someone close to your skill level is available for a game through the matchmaker.
FA Update Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.79 : Cooperative Campaign!

Cooperative missions

This update include an exclusive new feature to FA : Cooperative missions.

Currently, these missions are the original FA campaign, with all FAF graphics improvements, adjustment for cooperative difficulty, slightly better campaign AI and additional secondary objectives (thanks to gregory1001).

Later, original Supreme Commander campaign will be added and available if you own the game.

Domino and Ze_PilOt are also working on a campaign Editor to ease the process of making user-made campaign : (some videos in the latest posts).

Frameless lobby

The lobby is now frameless (no standard windows titlebar).
Theme modders can extend their theme to tweak these new features, like altering the close/minimize/maximize buttons (with the _inactive/_active feature added some versions ago), as well as buttons/title look :


This special rule in the CSS will change the FAF titlebar text.


Will control the look of the close/minimize/maximize buttons.

The menu bar is also tweaked (check the default CSS).

Galactic War

Galactic War Campaign

We have a indiegogo campaign going on for GALACTIC WAR !

Check it and support it if you want it to happen ! More infos about it in the forum :