Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.48

This is mostly a GW update, but it bring a fix and a new feature for everybody :

– Fixing a bug with the client failing to register to nickserv and get back the nickname if already in use.

– Adding a “Post game chat”. It’s enabled by default (option menu). After a game, all players are sent in a chat room to post-game discussion and easy rehost. (by¬†pbuyscard).

Lobby Update

Lobby update !


  • The biggest is FAFInstaller update !
    It’s now patching accordingly to what I’ve described here.
    If all goes well, featured mods and 3609 will be added this week-end.
  • Fixing a bug in the FA updater : On your first update, the patch wasn’t detected correctly in the lobby, result in the progress bar not closing.
  • Fixing a focus bug in chat. The cursor was jumping around when you try to enter text. That should not happen anymore (if so, tell me in the forum).
  • Some special characters were causing bugs in the list of games.
  • The tournament page is showing up correctly in the tournament tab.
  • There also was a little update to the server, that can help solve some NIL.