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Call for Java Developers

Times change and so does FAF. This is a call to all Java developers, who are hiding in the shadows and want to contribute but were not interested in contributing to the current stack of Python code.

We have a huge pile of new emerging Java projects, that look out for new developers and maintainers. So let me give you a small briefing about the projects:

  • Galactic War backend server will be an integral component of our new GW reboot. Work has “just started” and there is still much to do.
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Camunda BPM, Websockets / STOMP, Elide, JPA
    • Interested? Join slack channel #galactic-war
  • Java server is a reimplementation of the current Python lobby server. We hope to improve the development speed, deliver new metrics for our users and finally overwork the network protocol (while staying compatible to the old client protocol).
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Integration, JPA
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-server
  • Java API is supposed to replace the current Python API eventually. The primary focus is to speed up API development for new functionalities, as no current developers wants to work on the Python API any further.
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Elide, JPA
    • Side note: There are also approaches to develop a Typescript-based API. We decided that both can coexist together.
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-api
  • Downlord’s client is an alternative client to the classic python client. This is fancy frontend stuff using JavaFX. It’s already in a working state, but still has a lot of features waiting to be implemented.
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-client-dev

If you want to join us in Slack, please contact an administrator/moderator on the forums or in our in-client chat (white names at the top) so that we can invite you to our Slack project.

You can also join us on Discord.

We are waiting for you!
– Brutus5000, Dragonfire


FA Update Galactic War

Lobby Update – 0.10.98

This update is mostly for Galactic War players.

It solves some UI problems related to GW, as well as better internal functions (for the tournament server), sanity checks (for the proxy server) and code cleaning and libraries updates.

It also remove FreeImage dependencies.
Talking about Galactic War, remember that your help is needed to test the maps!

If you think there is a problem with some maps, please don’t report it in the forum, but instead, be part of the map tester team :
Register to the forum, go on your user panel, and join the “Galactic War Map Testers“ group.

When enough testers have joined, you will have further explanations!

Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.73


  • Added buttons for the account renamer and the steamLink ( in the login page.
  • SteamLink allows Virtual Machine and several accounts on the same computer.
  • Fixed the error reported (linking to tech forum).

Galactic War

  • Fix: Quitting a squad was creating a crash.
  • FIX: slave message was disappearing.
  • FIX: swirls not displaying properly when enslaved.
  • Removed the “searching for attackers” popups.
  • Hiding the map downloads.
  • Removed the cancel button for the updater.


  • Added icons states.

This allow the theme modders to put several state on icons, like chat.png, games.png, ladder.png,… in client.

Let’s take chat.png as exemple. You can add these files in the same folder:

  • chat_disabled.png
  • chat_active.png
  • chat_selected.png

Disabled : When the function is disabled (ie. Galactic War offline).

Active : When the user is interacting with it (ie. hovering the mouse over it).

Selected : When the current icon is the active one of the group (ie. the icon of the current selected tab).

FA Update Galactic War

Lobby 0.8.70

Change log :


  • FreeImage warning are now ignored. They were causing the annoying, but harmless “Application has stop incorrectly, ….. check faforever.exe.log” errors when the lobby was closing.
  • Incorrectly downloaded images are correctly replaced with the usual placeholder.

Galactic War:

  • Fixed an issue with the reinforcement panel crashing the lobby when units were given.
  • Fixed various display bugs.
  • The way attacks and defenses are handled is modified:
    • When you are launching an attack, you start “charging” it.
    • When fully charged, the planet occupation is increased by 5% for your faction.
    • A defense will stop the charge.
    • Losing a defense make the charge continues. No other malus. (don’t fear defending! Nothing to lose! No fear to recall, nothing bad can happen!)
    • Winning a defense stop the charge and give some money to the defender.
    • Setting “away” or quitting GW without giving your attack stop it immediately.
    • It’s a new mechanism, bugs may (and certainly will) occur. Don’t hesitate to report anything in the forum!

Mod vault:

  • The mod vault is now scanning mods in zip files (but you shouldn’t do that).
  • The mod vault is now using the cache folder for mod icons.
  • Mod icons are downloading in background.
  • The sort options in the mod vault are now working.
  • The game lister display list of mod more nicely.
  • (Untested) Windows XP support for the mod vault. You should update to Seven 🙂
  • Fixed an issue when joining games from the chat.


  • “Quit” messages are now only displayed when the player is actually in that channel.
  • Avoid displaying non-downloaded avatars (white square).
  • Support for random colored Nicknames. Check Options menu!

Note : As always, the colors used by that option can be modified by a theme.
The file can be found and modded in “_res/client/randomcolors.json”.

It’s a json encoded list of HTML color. The lobby will chose randomly a color in that list, depending of the nickname (a nickname will always get the same color).

FA Update Galactic War

Lobby 0.8.63

A galactic War update :

  • You can now offer unit reinforcements to someone of your faction.
  • New players start with 0 credits.
  • Attacks are free at rank 0 (the starting one).
  • Attacks cost more as your rank is higher (rank * 100).
  • You can only attack a single planet at once.
  • Second in command is removed.
  • If you see a swirling “attack on hold”, you can take for free (normal attack command).

This will come with an extra tweak tomorrow about how attacking is working, check the (alpha) forum for more info !