FA Update Galactic War

Lobby 0.8.63

A galactic War update :

  • You can now offer unit reinforcements to someone of your faction.
  • New players start with 0 credits.
  • Attacks are free at rank 0 (the starting one).
  • Attacks cost more as your rank is higher (rank * 100).
  • You can only attack a single planet at once.
  • Second in command is removed.
  • If you see a swirling “attack on hold”, you can take for free (normal attack command).

This will come with an extra tweak tomorrow about how attacking is working, check the (alpha) forum for more info !

Lobby Update

Lobby update !


  • The biggest is FAFInstaller update !
    It’s now patching accordingly to what I’ve described here.
    If all goes well, featured mods and 3609 will be added this week-end.
  • Fixing a bug in the FA updater : On your first update, the patch wasn’t detected correctly in the lobby, result in the progress bar not closing.
  • Fixing a focus bug in chat. The cursor was jumping around when you try to enter text. That should not happen anymore (if so, tell me in the forum).
  • Some special characters were causing bugs in the list of games.
  • The tournament page is showing up correctly in the tournament tab.
  • There also was a little update to the server, that can help solve some NIL.