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FAF Client 0.12.0 Preview 2

Download the new Preview from Github.

This is the fourth preview of the next FAF Client release. The version was bumped to 0.12 because of the hotfix to 0.11.60.

This preview fixes problems left in the last preview and continues the modernisation of the FAF Client.

The Changelog is available on Github, notable changes:

  • File permission fixes – this should fix the problems people have with AccessDenied errors
  • The UID system now shows a warning message if a service necessary for its function is not running

It also fixes the What’s New tab.

Download the new Preview from Github. As always, you can get back to your original version by reinstalling it.

FA Update

Lobby 0.10.116 : Team matchmaker Beta.

This version introduce a new version rendered possible by FAF donators. Big thanks to them!

Remember that you can help making new functions and updates possible by donating to FAF (left panel) and put the function you are asking for in the comments.


The matchmaker allows you to play balanced team games.

You can invite friends to your team (right-click on their nickname in the chat), or search for some random teammates.

The current map pool is derived from the 1v1 one, but more options will come later.

Remember that this function is in Beta, and some connections problems are still happening. You can help debug it by posting the faforever.log and game.log of every player involved in this thread.

Check how to enable logs & post them here.

This update come with others enhancements to the lobby :

  • Better detection of connection loss to the server. In case of the IRC server, it will try to reconnect. Reconnection for lobby & game server may come later (check first paragraph of this post 🙂
  • Fixing some errors in the map preview code.
  • Fixing issues with secondary servers hanging the client (ie. tournament tab).
  • Fixing a crash when parsing an invalid game.prefs (error when hosting a game).
  • Fixing an issue where selecting a faction after selecting “random” for 1v1 matchmaker didn’t changed the button status.

Additional thanks:

Early matchmaker testers : Deering, Myxir, Gorton, Mad Mozart, PascalP, SAKO_X, ZLO_RD, D4E_Omit, Totaltuna, lextoc, Reddev32, Taffy, Chosen and LittleSunshine.

Lobby Update

Lobby update : 0.10.111


  • Fixed a crash with the notification pop-up (when a map preview wasn’t available).
  • Fixed a crash with non-Unicode characters in chat. (ie. Arabic character set).
  • Changed the layout of the mod vault so titles are correctly displayed.
  • Changed the initial mod vault list (most liked mods of all time are first).
FA Update

Lobby 0.10.108 – Clans Management.


  • Clan Tag are displayed in the lobby.
  • Fixing (actually bypassing) an issue with matplotlib & fonts on some PC that crashed FAF on startup.
  • Fixing an error with the proxy server.

The clan management Beta is online, you can test it there:

Lobby Update

Lobby 0.10.88

Changelog :

  • New icon/logo (Thanks to Navras)
  • Replays available directly in coop leaderboards.
  • IRC chat is able to reconnect.
  • Reconnection to relay server.
  • Modes changes for users are correctly handled (+o, +v +q).
  • Added support for /seen and !seen commands in chat.
  • Added global & bot notices.
  • Color + Blink when someone said your nickname (color customizable in colors.json). (thanks to PattogoTehen)
  • Challonge pages for tournament display correctly.
  • Added tooltip for avatar in the chat window (thanks to PattogoTehen)