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Game Patch 3712

Hello Commanders,

We are releasing the Game Patch 3712 today, which contains but is not restricted to :

  • The ability to scale up the UI for players having a big screen.
  • An aesthetic change in the shader of seraphim unit.
  • The fix of the black plane bug for maps.
  • We added a support for custom map Props.
  • We fixed a bug with the rating reward when someone was leaving the game before it ended.

The patch notes can be found here or with some more explanations here.

Please post feedback in the forum.

See you Space Cowboy,

~The dev team.

PS : If you use the UI scaling, mods are likely to break.
In order to fix this issue, modders need to update their mods:
When setting UI elements, the position and dimensions have to be set using a correct function from layouthelpers.lua.
This file contains all required functions to position the UI elements and it scales the position by the set global multiplier.

Example of changes that needs to be done:
control.Top:Set(parent.Bottom() + 20)
LayoutHelpers.AnchorToBottom(control, parent, 20)

control.Width:Set(200) control.Height:Set(60)
LayoutHelpers.SetDimensions(control, 200, 60)

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Game Patch 3710

Hello Commanders,

We are releasing the Game Patch 3710 today, which contains but is not restricted to :

– The ability to see your allies economy at the score board. You can see their income, their storage and their current drain. (doesn’t work with the mod supreme score board or ecomanager on)

– When the observers option is on and you died, you won’t be able to see the whole map until your team loses.

– New optimal balance with mirrored spot : it will put in front of each other players having the most similar rating.

the patch notes can be found here or with some more explanations here.

Please post feedback in the forum.

See you on the battlefield,

~The dev team.

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New executable

Hello Commanders!

We’ve pushed a new executable (ForgedAlliance.exe) on the production server which was modified in order to avoid desync issues in games and replays that occurred a lot when a user was leaving the game.

In order to make this possible the UI will be put to a halt for 10 ticks which takes about one second.
We hope that this new exe will help users and especially casters/streamers since watching desynced replays is not very enjoyable for anyone.

Massive thanks to Kyryl for delivering this improvement to the FAF community.

Happy 2020 and good luck on the battlefield!
~ The development team

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Nomads Release V86

Hello everyone, today is the release day for Nomads V 86
This patch contains 81 commits, since the last minor patch 85, and 114 commits since the last major patch of V83 which we announced just a couple of months ago!
Altogether, this means that the nomads mod is twice as active by commit number as any other official faf project in 2019! Undieing gratitude goes out to everyone who made this possible!

You can play the newest version right now by clicking the nomads featured mod from the list on the side of the client, enjoy!

You can talk to us, see what we do, get help with modding supcom from the resident experts and much more on the Nomads discord server.

Highlight for this release:

The T4 transport has been replaced with a brand new model! We’ve put it next some other units so you can appreciate how huge it is.

Aside from just visual improvements however, we have also reworked all its code from the ground up, making it much, much easier to use! If you have played earlier versions of Nomads before, you may remember it had a tendency to fly off instead of picking up units, which has been much improved, allowing you to pick up and drop things off anywhere you please!

As we mentioned in our development diary last week, we worked out how to fix the issues with transport slots, and as a result the T4 transport can carry a lot more lower tech units than before! Additionally, its special transport slot now doesnt interfere with the others, letting it carry both a beamer (or any ship!) and a whole army at the same time!

There is much more in this patch than just that so to see all the changes, and to leave your much-needed feedback, you can check out the accompanying forum post here:

Development Update FA Update

Game Patch 3708

Hello Commanders!

Today we released a new development patch with the patch number 3708!
New features include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved shader for Seraphim
  • A Curated Maps Button in the game lobby to promote maps picked by the M&M Councilor
  • Auto fill lobby slots
  • Remove invulnerability from the Novax Satellite to avoid bug abuses
  • Destroying the Billy Nuclear Missile when hitting Aeon TMD projectiles

You can find more information about this patch and a list of people who contributed to it on our github repository!

Thanks to all the people who help improving the game!
~ The dev team