Nomads Version 83 Release

Today its time to release Nomads V 83

This patch contains 137 commits, just a couple of months after the previous release, making Nomads the most actively developed project on FAF! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the mod so far for making this possible!

You can play the newest version right now by clicking the nomads featured mod from the list on the side of the client, enjoy!

You can talk to us, see what we do, get help with modding supcom from the resident experts and much more on our Nomads discord server here:

We are extremely happy to be able to show off our newest model of the beamer! Fully animated, and looking better than ever, you will be able to play with it right now!

For more exciting changes, and to leave your much-needed feedback, you can check out the accompanying forum post here:

Development Update FA Update

3706 hotfix patch

Hello Commanders!

Due to issues with the last patch we had to revert the executable for the game which is currently causing issues with the legacy client.
Fortunately we were able to get a quick fix for the exe from Kyril/FAETHER which is going to be deployed with this hotfix.

The game patch 3706 also contains the following changes:

  • improved team kill detection
  • increased wait time to make a team kill report
  • several weapon category fixes
  • Sera ACU PhaseShield mesh fix

If you wish to help us testing then please keep an eye on the forum where we will inform you about upcoming changes and how to help us test them.

Best Regards
~ The dev team

Development Update FA Update

Game Patch 3705

Hello Commanders!

Today we released a new development patch with the patch number 3705!
New features include:

  • Fix for the exe to reduce the amount of desynced replays (massive thanks to Kyril for his hard work)
  • Improved Cheat Menu (ALT+F2) to support 16 Players
  • Fixes various game bugs

You can find more information about this patch and a list of people who contributed to it on our github repository!

Thanks to all the people who help keeping this ship afloat!
~ The dev team



Game Patch 3703

Hello Commanders!

Just reporting in for a small dev patch (3703) which contains bug fixes for the most part.

  • Fixed a bug breaking the lobby when selecting an obsolete map
  • Removed hardcoding on nuke weapon damage for mod support
  • Fixed targeting issue for Salems on land
  • Some other small fixes

Thanks to all the people who helped creating this small patch!
~ The dev team

FA Update

Patch 3696 Beta

The final beta version of patch 3696 is released today. You can play it by selecting FAF Beta on the left of the Play tab. The patchnotes for this beta can be found at this link:

Please leave your feedback in this thread:

PetricPwnz has created a funny, informative, and in-depth video on the main changes here:

This balance patch is scheduled for release on 26th May.

– The balance team