FA Update

Patch 3681

Greetings Commanders!

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s patch comes a small hotfix to clean up the small number of errors that slipped through the net yesterday.


  • Fixed always loading the default or last map, which broke COOP
  • Fixed a typo which broke All Faction Templates


  • Reverted the changes to lobby text showing faction colours due to community feedback. This feature will reappear as an option in the future.

All the updated mods are now live on the vault, which should become searchable again soon, there’s still some stuff going on server-side in the way of that.

If you would like to read this in French, Russian or German, you can find the translations here:

Development Update Lobby Update

FAF Client 0.12.0 Preview 2

Download the new Preview from Github.

This is the fourth preview of the next FAF Client release. The version was bumped to 0.12 because of the hotfix to 0.11.60.

This preview fixes problems left in the last preview and continues the modernisation of the FAF Client.

The Changelog is available on Github, notable changes:

  • File permission fixes – this should fix the problems people have with AccessDenied errors
  • The UID system now shows a warning message if a service necessary for its function is not running

It also fixes the What’s New tab.

Download the new Preview from Github. As always, you can get back to your original version by reinstalling it.

Automatch/Ladder changes. Development Update

FAF Client preview

After no release for several months, the official FAF Python Client now has a new maintainer (OppressiveDuke / duk3luk3) and a preview release.

Version 0.11.61-pre2 can be downloaded from the github releases page now.

Just download and run the MSI file. If it causes any problem, just reinstall the old release version.

This release contains lots of bugfixes and changes:

  • Make it possible to choose subset of factions in ladder
  • Re-enable notification of game events
  • Update UI in the Replayvault
    • Split generateInfoPlayersHtml into different methods
    • Moved HTML as much as possible to the top and in constants
    • Added free-for-all in the extra information of the replay
    • Removed observers from the extra information of the replay
    • Removed after rating from extra information of the replay (in code)
  • Added option to sort nicknames with friends on top.
  • Multiple mods are now downloaded if required
  • Fixed sorting bug with the player list
  • Add linux support (thanks @muellni)
  • Add new uid implementation (thanks @muellni)
  • Leaderboard display performance improvement (#438, thanks @grotheFAF)
  • Save game logs as default
  • Fix a bug with preview generation (#481)
  • Remove unused map downloader class (#483)
  • Fix error in PERSONAL_DIR selection (#428)
  • Make map preview download asynchronous (#507)
  • Fix duration for live games in Replays (#497, thank @grotheFAF)

We will continue to work hard on getting this client back to a respectable standard.

One of the main items on the roadmap is the integration of an ICE adapter as new game connection relay that should make the connection quality much better.

Other more technical items are: Upgrade to Python 3, transition to the new API instead of using the legacy server, fixing map/mod upload, and otherwise getting up to par with Downlord’s excellent client.

Please test this prerelease and report any bugs you find in the Tech support forum or on github!

FA Update

Patch 3634 – Changelog.

Beta Patch 3634!

Like 3633, it’s a BETA patch.

It means that bugs might be there, and the previously introduced units (T3 AA) are still in a balance process.

Please go to the forum for feedback!


Lobby 2.4 (Xinnony)

  • Fixed the “Yellow Country Flag” bug.
  • Fixed an issue with mods & load preset option.
  • Background modding support.
  • Fixed wide-screen skin not resizing correctly.
  • Mod Manager enhancements.
  • Small changes in the Faction Selector.
  • Fixed the Options panel not showing “Advanced Map Options” and “Global Options” correctly.
  • Removed AI and Team options in the Option panel.
  • “Hide default Options” was not working properly.
  • “Host Game Options” was not set correctly in the option panel.
  • Add a ‘(default)’ text in Host Options.
  • Changed the color of “Observers in Game” label if you are not the Host.
  • Added a ‘No rule (click for edit)’ only for the Host.

T3 Mobile AA.

  • Added the T3 AA in the megalith build panel.
  • the Seraphim T3 mobile wasn’t able to hit a Soul Ripper.
  • T3 Mobile AA balance adjustments based on feedback (more range, DPS nerf for the Seraphim one, and small other tweaks).

Small balance changes

  • The UEF satellite will now be destroyed when hit by a nuke.
  • Damage buff for the Mavor : 2 Dukes + t3 pgens are now not better than a Mavor.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to Cybran ACU laser (by Resin_Smoker)
  • Aeon Destroyer and Battleship visual effects improvements (by Resin_Smoker).
  • Fix for Megalith not attacking a naval target because it stays in range of the primary weapon.
  • More fixes to shields.

Contributors (on top of those already cited in the changelog) : Sheeo, Pip and Icedreamer. And all the players who gave feedback & seek bugs!

FA Update

Patch 3633 : Survey results.

Here is the complete result for the 3633 patch Survey (948 votes).

Thanks for your participation!

Click here to download (PDF format).

(If you can’t download it, use your usual internet browser!)