Balance Team Survey

The survey to elect the balance team for patch 3629 is now opened.

You will not choose directly what team you want.
You will first rank each team by his composition, then individually vote for all proposals.

It’s made that way because some changes are common to several teams.

The vote will end the November 3rd, and the votes will be proceeded to rate what team is the closest to what YOU want.
Some changes may eventually be denied or imposed to that team depending on the results.

Click on the link below to vote !
(you need to log with your client to see your token).

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Patch 3626 – Next.

The patch 3626 is now released.
This patch is the result of months of work, and the first step of the “Next” project.

A few months ago, a indiegogo campaign was launched to make Galactic War happening, but also bringing FA to the next step.

This patch include lot of radical changes, new graphics, and overall a major step forward compared to previous patches.

In order to ease the transition to “Next”, most of the featured mod will run patch 3625 until they are ready to make the transition. Here is the list of featured mod that will NOT take 3626 patch as a base version :

  • Nomads
  • Blackops
  • Diamond
  • Supreme Destruction
  • Xtreme Wars

Nomads will be implemented as part of the Next project in a future patch. Others mods will need their author to be updated to Next.

And now, the full change log :
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Call for balance testing teams.

The current amount of testers for the current balance patch is rather poor, and I can’t release the patch in that current state.

That’s why, once again, we will change how the balance will work.

You have until Friday to assemble a team of players. That group can have any number of players, but not less than 4, and a single leader.

The leader will have to post his group composition in the forum, with a short description of each member, what they want to change and how, and why people should vote for them.

You can be part of several testing groups, as long as you are not the leader of more than one group.

On Friday, I will put the groups on a public vote for the week-end, and the winner will be the official balance team for that patch.

That group will decide what need to be tweaked and how, accordingly to their original pledge.

The discussions will be opened to anyone of course, but the members of the group will have the final word on any subject. The leader will have access to the balance mod and will be able to update it as often as he want. (one of the member must know how to edit blueprints).

The team will decide when the tweaks are over, and the leader will have to give me the final values for each change, as well as a short description to put on the change log.

Final rule : The goal is to go forward and finalize the current changes. That’s why any change outside the focus of the current changes will be dismissed (ie. changing the SCU, …).
If you don’t know what is the focus of the current patch, you probably shouldn’t apply to this 🙂

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Simpler explanation about the change.


  • You can test it any time and give feedback on the forum (featured mod : engy redesign).
  • Nothing is written in stone, and it will goes through the usual test period (but has been already tested for months now).
  • It’s about removing dead-end paths (like upgrading multiple factories).
  • You can think of the HeadQuarter as the current T1/T3 factory. It’s indeed the same thing. You can still assist it like you did before, it’s still more efficient, but not by a long stretch like before.

Why is it either “that change + future change OR nothing in the future” ? Why not a “Not that change but other changes in the future” option ?

  • Even it does not alter the game more than you may think, it’s an important change that fit in the general design of FAF (making the game more fluid to play).
  • Some (vocal) people are against that, even if it (or any change) can be reverted any time if proven bad for gameplay. We want to see how many are really against such thing.
  • Even we think that this change is mandatory for FA to have a future, We don’t want to push something most people don’t want.
  • If the majority of you is against such change, FAF has probably (and sadly) reached its goal and have nothing to bring to FA anymore. (I do not believe that, but some people do).

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