FA Update roadmap

Simpler explanation about the change.


  • You can test it any time and give feedback on the forum (featured mod : engy redesign).
  • Nothing is written in stone, and it will goes through the usual test period (but has been already tested for months now).
  • It’s about removing dead-end paths (like upgrading multiple factories).
  • You can think of the HeadQuarter as the current T1/T3 factory. It’s indeed the same thing. You can still assist it like you did before, it’s still more efficient, but not by a long stretch like before.

Why is it either “that change + future change OR nothing in the future” ? Why not a “Not that change but other changes in the future” option ?

  • Even it does not alter the game more than you may think, it’s an important change that fit in the general design of FAF (making the game more fluid to play).
  • Some (vocal) people are against that, even if it (or any change) can be reverted any time if proven bad for gameplay. We want to see how many are really against such thing.
  • Even we think that this change is mandatory for FA to have a future, We don’t want to push something most people don’t want.
  • If the majority of you is against such change, FAF has probably (and sadly) reached its goal and have nothing to bring to FA anymore. (I do not believe that, but some people do).


FA Update

Patch 3624 Released.

This is a quick fix, solving two small “imbalances” and some bugs, all thanks to Pip.

Balance change :

  • Mantis: turret turn = 100 (from 120), +10 compared to 3621 and before.
  • Titan Health and shield HP switch was forgotten.
  • Adding a blast radius effect (not dealing any damage) after a SCU teleport.
  • Adding a 10 seconds stun after a SCU teleport.

Bug fixes :

Colors :

  • Fixed order of colors so that blue and red are first (for automatch).
  • Changed red to “Cybran red”.
  • Removed light green that is too similar to white.
  • Changed light grey into a darker grey.
  • Checked that all the first 8 colors are not to difficult to distinguish for common color blind people.

In-Game fixes :

  • Fixed SAM homing missile not reaching their target with the new Area of Effect.
  • Fixed Aeon ships with Oblivion weapon (Destroyer, Battleship, Tempest) missing when turning.
  • Fixed the Rhino and Cerberus projectiles not able to hit moving targets.
  • Cerberus and Rhino lasers are now visible even if you don’t see the “source”.
  • Fixed the UEF Janus dropping its bombs often in a small zone in front of the target, dealing no damage or almost.
FA Update

Patch 3622 – Balance changes survey.

The survey for the patch 3622 is now available.

You still can discuss it and have more details about the changes proposed here :

You can fill your answer and preview the result on this link :

You will be able to alter your votes as many time as you for a week.

You have to login with the FAF client to see your invitation after this line.
If you don’t see it, please contact

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FA Update

New patch season !

The forum for the next patch is now open.
You can view the rules and participate in this forum :

This is the time to participate or not in the balance process. If you don’t, you will lose your rights to cry about a change (or a non-change) !

FA Update Server Update

3612 Patch Live ! Wyvern ! BlackOps ! Nuke For The win !

Ho my god some many things !

First, the 3612 patch log :

Second, you can now play Wyvern BattlePack, BlackOps and Nuke For The in Mods !

But I let you discover all that on game on in the forums…