Development Update

Testers needed for connectivity improvements

Hello Commanders!

Tomorrow, 8. 5. 2017, we will be testing a new adapter to handle connections in-game and we would like to invite as many of you as possible to participate! It will be happening at 20:00 CEST (GMT+2) on our FAF BETA Client.

How to participate:

  1. Download the FAF BETA Client here:
    (It will NOT overwrite your current client installation, but installs the FAF BETA client alongside it, so no need to worry about anything being overwritten! All games on the BETA Client are unrated as well.)
  2. Enable logs in the beta client (
  3. Join a game on the test server and play/observe (Games will be hosted and coordinated by the organizers, named ICE TEST #1, ICE TEST #2, etc.)
  4. Please participate in this survey: here
  5. If you experienced any errors, post your logs on Discord, the forum ( or any filehoster you prefer (you can find them here:

Bonus: Be able to restart your router while testing, to test out the reconnect feature.
More info about ICE connection can be found here:
If you have any questions about this test, message CookieNoob, PhilipJFry, Tokyto_ or EcoNoob in the FAF client.
We are looking forward to see you in the test!

FAF Development Team

Galactic War Lobby Update

Lobby Update 0.10.105

Join channel.

You are now able to join any registered channel from the lobby.

This include Galactic War channels (if you fight for that faction), as well as language channels.

Test Proxy Server

The proxy server was introduced months ago in order to fix the most resilient connections problems.
It seems that some firewall or antivirus are still creating problems, even with the proxy server.

proxyserverThere is now a new option in your lobby that will test if you have a clean connection to the proxy server.

You can seek help in the tech forum if the test result in some errors or if the test are running correctly but you are still not able to connect.


EDIT : There may have a little bug in the test report function. If you don’t see any popup at the end of the test, you can assume that it has failed.

This update also fix some bugs in Galactic War.


FA Update Galactic War

Lobby 0.8.30.

This is an update for handling Galactic War Alpha phase.

Fix a bug with proxies :

Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.17



Change log :

  • The proxy server has been improved greatly in this version. Visit for more details.
  • Smaller icons for featured mods.
  • Fix : The map uploader wasn’t including dds files for decals.
  • Less debug messages in the logs for the tournament server.

Mumble connector enhancements (thanks to Rienzilla) :

  • Added auto switching for live replay viewers.
  • Added option to quickly enable/disable mumble channel switching.
  • Fixed a bug causing excessive mumble state updating.