Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.4

  • Increased the game port range upper limit (from 50.000 to 999.999)
  • Replay vault : You can now filter the minimal rating of the players inside the game. (Won’t work with featured mods)
Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.3

  • We’ve replaced the current random faction option (closing your eyes, hovering your mouse over the icons and click) by a computerized random (probably less random that the previous method).
  • The online replay vault displays the start time (local time for you), and will arrange replays by days.
  • The online replay vault can display teams, factions, scores and results when you select a replay.
  • You can search the vault with the player name (will take account of all his previous names), a (partial) map name, and/or the featured mod.
Lobby Update

FA Lobby 0.8.1

This is a major upgrade introducing the new online replay vault.

The features are still in development.

  • Display the 200 latest games.
  • Display the map, title of the game, the mod and the game duration.
  • If you single-click on a game, the tooltip will show you the players, their ratings, who win/lose, and their new ratings.
  • If you double-click on a game, it will update your FA to the correct version, download the map, the mod, and launch the replay !

The next update (in the next few days) will allow you to research by map, player, faction, rating, and mod, through the entire repository of replays.

Later (no ETA), you will be able to search for a player on a specific place on a map, and rate the replay and comment it.