Development Update

FAF Client Hotfix Release 0.11.64

FAF Client Hotfix Release 0.11.64

We have prepared a hotfix release of the FAF Client that fixes the display of the What’s New tab after the website upgrade.

It is ready for testing and can be downloaded and installed now.

Please test this Client version. If it causes problems, you can revert to the original version by reinstalling from the Download page.

If no problems are reported, we will release this client as a regular patch soon.

As the maintainer of the Client I would like to thank Downlord and muellni for their help preparing this release.

— OppressiveDuke / duk3luk3

Automatch/Ladder changes. Development Update

FAF Client preview

After no release for several months, the official FAF Python Client now has a new maintainer (OppressiveDuke / duk3luk3) and a preview release.

Version 0.11.61-pre2 can be downloaded from the github releases page now.

Just download and run the MSI file. If it causes any problem, just reinstall the old release version.

This release contains lots of bugfixes and changes:

  • Make it possible to choose subset of factions in ladder
  • Re-enable notification of game events
  • Update UI in the Replayvault
    • Split generateInfoPlayersHtml into different methods
    • Moved HTML as much as possible to the top and in constants
    • Added free-for-all in the extra information of the replay
    • Removed observers from the extra information of the replay
    • Removed after rating from extra information of the replay (in code)
  • Added option to sort nicknames with friends on top.
  • Multiple mods are now downloaded if required
  • Fixed sorting bug with the player list
  • Add linux support (thanks @muellni)
  • Add new uid implementation (thanks @muellni)
  • Leaderboard display performance improvement (#438, thanks @grotheFAF)
  • Save game logs as default
  • Fix a bug with preview generation (#481)
  • Remove unused map downloader class (#483)
  • Fix error in PERSONAL_DIR selection (#428)
  • Make map preview download asynchronous (#507)
  • Fix duration for live games in Replays (#497, thank @grotheFAF)

We will continue to work hard on getting this client back to a respectable standard.

One of the main items on the roadmap is the integration of an ICE adapter as new game connection relay that should make the connection quality much better.

Other more technical items are: Upgrade to Python 3, transition to the new API instead of using the legacy server, fixing map/mod upload, and otherwise getting up to par with Downlord’s excellent client.

Please test this prerelease and report any bugs you find in the Tech support forum or on github!

Lobby Update roadmap

How are the things going ?

The new updater.

We are currently changing the way FAFInstaller (and the update system) works.

Here is how it will work :

  • Until now, the updater was downloading the whole files. Now it will download a real patch. Meaning that instead of downloading 5-6 mb each time, you will have to download only a few kb (500 kb in the worst update case).
  • For using this, we have added a new server only for updating.

The steps done by the update server and clients :

  1. The client check the current version of a bunch of files, and send these versions to the server.
  2. The server will check in the DB the current version of the user (A) and the latest version available (B).
  3. If the user doesn’t have the latest version,  the server will look for a patch from A to B.
  4. If the patch doesn’t exist yet, it will create it on the fly.
  5. The server sends the patch to the client, and the client apply it.

That way, you will be able to upgrade from any version to the latest, if the original files are known by the server.

That also means that you can downgrade your version in order to play an old replay (in that case, it will create a folder with these old binaries and game datas).

  • Featured Mods will use that function too, so Featured Mod authors will be able to make frequent changes at ease.

What about Steam version ?

The next patch (3609) will be compatible with 3603, and so with steam version of the game.
The exe and dll files from the steam version are totally differents from the retail version, in two major points :

  1. It uses the Steam DRM.
  2. It uses steamwork instead of GPGNet protocol.

As we are using GPGNet protocol for FAF, that version is incompatible. The solution would be to update the Steam version to the Retail version.

But because of point 1, that operation will be illegal : I can’t distribute a patch removing a DRM protection !

It’s still possible to mix a (legally owned) retail version with the Steam version by yourself. But FAF team can’t be held responsible for any damage caused by such manipulation (non-working copy or an possible steam ban – Unlikely but possible).

If you want a digital copy of Forged Alliance, FAF team recommends you to buy it at as that version is totally compatible with FAF.

What are the changes in 3609 ?

Mostly bug fixes, 3603 support, and Sorian AI integrated.

You can see the commits done to the codes here :

When the next update will be live ?

When it’s done. Maybe this week, maybe the next week.



Roadmap for the next few weeks

I’m moving FAF on our new server this week (10/10).

Then :

– will open, with a brand new homepage for FA Forever.

– I’m currently updating the Updater :)
Would be easier to update FA and FAF, less errors too, and lighter updates.
This will also allow easy updates of Featured mods.

– FA will be upped to 3609, supporting Sorian AI, fixing more bugs (thanks to FunkOff), and introducing a correct versionning number (in replay and top right corner of the main screen). This will allow backward compatibility of replays.
This version *should* be compatible with 3603, and so Steam version.

– Feature mods will open will 3 mods.

King of The Hill and phantom-N and -X will come some days later.
Experimental Wars will be added when ready, and maybe the new Blackops version will join the section too.

– The replay vault :
Raging_Squirrel is working on the web side, the DB works will be done soon.

After that, we will reach RC1, so no new features until all the existing ones are stable.