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Patch 3633 : Survey results.

Here is the complete result for the 3633 patch Survey (948 votes).

Thanks for your participation!

Click here to download (PDF format).

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Last Change Vote.

FAF balance won’t evolve anymore for a long period of time.

But there is a last change that worth it.

That change really define the direction we want to go with FA, and it’s the result of months of testing.

  • If it’s voted in, there is a chance that FA will continue to get support like before : patch period, with community votes and tests.
  • If it’s not voted in, we will probably stop trying to patch anything in the game, as it will be a big refusal of the direction we want to take.

Important : If it’s voted in, it does not mean that it will be integrated immediately. It also doesn’t mean it won’t be tweak, before or after the change, or even removed if it’s bad in the long run.

So, what is your opinion on it ? (you need to log with your client to see your token).

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FA Update

Patch 3622 – Balance changes survey.

The survey for the patch 3622 is now available.

You still can discuss it and have more details about the changes proposed here :

You can fill your answer and preview the result on this link :

You will be able to alter your votes as many time as you for a week.

You have to login with the FAF client to see your invitation after this line.
If you don’t see it, please contact

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FA Update website

Survey results.

Thanks all of you for your participation. These data are very important for us, and here is a resume of  this survey.

First, thank you for your participation, you were 593 to fill the survey !

So, let’s begin …

The “how do I know FAF” PDF


Forged Alliance and Forged Alliance Forever.

  • 22,71 % of the FAF players are playing FA for less than a year. They never knew GPGNET. 41% are playing since the release.
  • 77,47 % of the FAF players are using FAF for less than a year. 21,61 % are playing for more than that. FAF brought back all these players to FA.

Forged Alliance forever website, lobby and moderation.

  • The most requested feature is a Replay vault. This will be coming along Galactic War. More statistics are requested, they will come with the replay vault too 🙂
  • Most of you are seeking help in the chat. While this is great, remember that the wiki and the forums are the most reliable source of technical support.
  • More than 80% of the players think that the current moderation of IRC and forums is good/enough, and that the amount of moderators is correct.

Matchmaker/League system.

  • 22% thinks that the amount of map is correct. 10% think it’s too much, and 12% not enough. Other voters don’t play ladder. We will the current amount of map.
  • The ratio between custom and official maps is correct for 53% of the players. 17% think there are too many custom, 7.43% too many official. The actual ratio won’t be adapted.
  • You have rated the ease to find a ranked game 4 out of 5.
  • The matchmaker “balance” is rated 3.3 our of 5. The only improvement can only come from more players using it, or the search will be much longer.
  • The league system is rated 3.71 out of 5. We will try to find way to improve it (and make it more clear) in the future.
  • The reward system is rated  3.44 out of 5. We are thinking of implementing a website “player of the day/week/season” reward system, as well as other little things to make it better.

Patches and Balance.

  • For 80% of you, releasing a patch every 3 months is perfect. Only 5% think it’s too often.
  • The current direction taken by the balance patches please you. It was rated 4 out of 5.
  • Only 34 players are not really pleased with that, out of 442 votes.
  • 16,97% of the players are not interested in the balance and did not rated it.
  • You think that the patches are solving important problems. It was rated 4 out 5.
  • The bug fixing was  rated 4.16 out of 5.

Game diversity and Featured Mods.

  • You like the variety proposed by FAF. It was rated 4.35 out of 5.
  • Finding everything you want is important too. And we succeed with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.
  • The map accessibility is a huge success and was rated 4.7 out of 5 !


We are doing what we think is best for the game. We have made some drastic decisions in the past, sometimes ignoring a vocal minority, but it seems that he has been for the best.

There is some place for improvement here and there, but overall, you are pleased with the current state of FAF, and we will continue in the same direction for this year.

Thanks you for you support, and we are aiming at making our score better in all areas next year !

FA Update website

FA Forever : 2013 survey !

We want your opinion about the current state of FAF to make it even better in the future.

To do so, please take some time to answer this survey !