FA Update Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.79 : Cooperative Campaign!

Cooperative missions

This update include an exclusive new feature to FA : Cooperative missions.

Currently, these missions are the original FA campaign, with all FAF graphics improvements, adjustment for cooperative difficulty, slightly better campaign AI and additional secondary objectives (thanks to gregory1001).

Later, original Supreme Commander campaign will be added and available if you own the game.

Domino and Ze_PilOt are also working on a campaign Editor to ease the process of making user-made campaign : (some videos in the latest posts).

Frameless lobby

The lobby is now frameless (no standard windows titlebar).
Theme modders can extend their theme to tweak these new features, like altering the close/minimize/maximize buttons (with the _inactive/_active feature added some versions ago), as well as buttons/title look :


This special rule in the CSS will change the FAF titlebar text.


Will control the look of the close/minimize/maximize buttons.

The menu bar is also tweaked (check the default CSS).

Lobby Update

Lobby 0.8.73


  • Added buttons for the account renamer and the steamLink ( in the login page.
  • SteamLink allows Virtual Machine and several accounts on the same computer.
  • Fixed the error reported (linking to tech forum).

Galactic War

  • Fix: Quitting a squad was creating a crash.
  • FIX: slave message was disappearing.
  • FIX: swirls not displaying properly when enslaved.
  • Removed the “searching for attackers” popups.
  • Hiding the map downloads.
  • Removed the cancel button for the updater.


  • Added icons states.

This allow the theme modders to put several state on icons, like chat.png, games.png, ladder.png,… in client.

Let’s take chat.png as exemple. You can add these files in the same folder:

  • chat_disabled.png
  • chat_active.png
  • chat_selected.png

Disabled : When the function is disabled (ie. Galactic War offline).

Active : When the user is interacting with it (ie. hovering the mouse over it).

Selected : When the current icon is the active one of the group (ie. the icon of the current selected tab).

FA Update

Custom faction themes for FAF.

As you may or may not know, FAF lobby has a full customization support with CSS and interface files.
You can easily pack your themes, distribute them, and switch between them in the “Options – Themes” menu.

Rhei has finished some faction themes you can download and install !

Click here to download.

The Seraphim Theme.
The Seraphim Theme.



Disclaimer :

While the lobby support themes, they may break some functions or produce errors.
They may be incompatible with an upcoming update of FAF.
Use them at your own risk, and disable them before reporting any problem with the lobby !

How to install :

Extract the zip file to the theme folder: %COMMONAPPDATA%\FAForever\themes  (C:\ProgramData\FAForever\themes for most of you).