Lobby 0.8.61

Changelog :

  • Multi-threaded map preview download.
  • Galactic War replays can now be played correctly.

Multi-threaded map preview download

Before this update, a newly installed client or a client with a cleared cache (options – Clear – Cache) was experiencing a major slowdown/lockup in the replay vault, or some mini-freeze regularly.

These locks were due to the client downloading map previews, locking the client until all previews were downloaded.

Now, the client is downloading the maps (and many at once) in the background.

Galactic War replays can now be played correctly.

The Galactic War replays need a lot of operations to be played correctly, ie. the reinforcements of the players must be known.

These informations are now downloaded correctly from the server.

They will be embedded in  the replay header later. Continue reading

Lobby 0.8.60

This version include some improvements for the chat :

  • When an user disconnects, it doesn’t blink private messages anymore.
  • Join/Quit messages are now displayed in black for more readability.
  • Custom colors for users is now supported.
  • Not directly related to the lobby, but some units in Blackops and Xtreme Wars (Tempest, Czar, Ticklord, teleportation…) are fixed.
  • Also, an old feature that may be unknown by many users : Ctrl + mouse wheel in the chat window allows you to increase/decrease the chat font. Shift allow you to scroll faster.

    There is currently no interface for tweaking the colors.

    Special colors can be customized in a theme, using “_res\chat\formatters\special_colors.json”

    User colors can be customized in a theme, using “_res\client\colors.json”

    They are simple json strings. For custom users colors, it’s the colors.json file.

    By default :

    {"foe" : "crimson", "friend" : "lightskyblue", "player" : "silver", "server" : "black", "default" : "grey", "self" : "orange", "url" : "cornflowerblue"}

    You can do for example do :

    {"Gyle" : "Gold", "foe" : "crimson", "friend" : "lightskyblue", "player" : "silver", "server" : "black", "default" : "grey", "self" : "orange", "url" : "cornflowerblue"}

    Now, Gyle has a magnificent gold color when talking!

    The colors are standard HTML color tags: http://html-color-codes.info/color-names/ Continue reading