Lobby 0.8.59

Change log :

  • Replay vault is faster and doesn’t slow down the main server anymore, leaving room for more features.
  • The client is now using a proper http header when downloading files.
  • Fixed a bug where you see yourself with a sword (“in game lobby”) while you are not (was a local problem – nobody else was seeing it).
  • Galactic War “domination” is implemented (when a faction is beaten, the players become slave of the faction who destroyed them).

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Lobby 0.8.48

This is mostly a GW update, but it bring a fix and a new feature for everybody :

– Fixing a bug with the client failing to register to nickserv and get back the nickname if already in use.

– Adding a “Post game chat”. It’s enabled by default (option menu). After a game, all players are sent in a chat room to post-game discussion and easy rehost. (by pbuyscard).
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Lobby Update : 0.8.19

Changelog :

  • Games are now listed by UID and not by game title to avoid jumpiness in the game lister.
  • Featured Mods support versionning and downgrading for replays – Only for replays newer than 827663.
  • Added a right-click menu on the replay vault to download replays.
  • Added a spoiler check box in the replay vault.
  • Showing the UID in the replay description for the replay vault.
  • Avoid showing the player twice in the game lister if he is already in that game.
  • Added a “/country” flag to FA parameters for a upcoming FA lobby update.

NOT related to this lobby update :

  • Increased the live replay delay to five (5) minutes.
  • Replays are now stored to the database directly. You need to go through this link to download one : http://faforever.com/faf/vault/replay_vault/replay.php?id=id_of_the_replay.



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New lobby version released ! Patch 3611 released !

thygrrr ( for the lobby part) and Raging Squirrel (for the web/vault part) spent the last month redoing the lobby for the first official public release.

Today, you will have access to a open-beta of this new lobby.

What does it mean ?

It’s not the definitive lobby. The code … Continue reading

domain name and DNS change !

If you can’t reach the server, you can manually update this file :


[important]place it in

C:\Forged Alliance Forever - Lobby

NOT in your game directory  ![/important]

[warning]It seems that some browsers rename the file faLobby.zip after the downloading. Rename it faLobby.lib if it’s … Continue reading