Balance Patch 3684

Commanders, balance patch 3684 is live. Patchnotes can be found here: Leave your comments and feedback here: The main points of this patch are veterancy for XPs, MML buffs, reduced wreck reclaim rate and factory hp changes. Check out the patchnotes for more details on these and other … Continue reading

May 27th – Coop Update

What’s new This is a bugfix update. Several small issues got solved and all missions that were not expanding the next part should work now as well. That includes Morax finally leaving his base in Prothyon-16. Several voice files got updated few days ago with fixes to the mixed dialogue … Continue reading

Nomads Patch V65

Hello Commanders, Just a quick update for all of the Nomad Commanders, there has been a new patch. You can find the patch notes on our forum here: Patch Hightlights Fix to reduce frame rate issues Better AI support Capacitor changed to ACU/sACU upgrade If you come across further issues, … Continue reading

May 13th – Coop Update

What’s new: Desync fixed. This is a pretty big update (in terms of data). All currently known sources of desync got fixed. Some with the latest game patch (desync during mid game cinematics) and the rest with today’s update. The coop now comes with both movies and voices for vanilla … Continue reading