The new moderation team

After two weeks we proudly present our three new members; Giebmasse, lextoc and Jackherer. Many of you will know them as they’ve been contributing to this community for some time already. On the other hand, we say goodbye to the moderators who parted ways. Viking handed in his moderator rank, … Continue reading

Outage on Feb. 19, 2017

Update: It took a bit longer to get the wiki and other smaller bits working again, and some things may continue to be wonky. Expect these to be fixed over the next couple days. Hello FAF, there was a brief outage today due to a server configuration mishap. I intended … Continue reading

FAForever Client Release 0.12.2

Update: The 0.12.2 client version has now been released. When running FAF, you will be prompted to update. Click “yes” and wait for the update to finish downloading – the download progress bar may not always show up, just wait. You can also download the release directly from Github. Hello … Continue reading

February 13th – Coop Update

What’s new: After a while coop comes with another update. Major thing that got added is a feedback button to the score screen which leads to the forum thread for the mission. So feel free to post any suggestion or problems you encounter. Changelog: You can find the full changelog … Continue reading