King of Syrtis Major to be held March 16th!

Mark your calendars, Commanders – the King of Syrtis Major Tournament, hosted by Rowey, is on March 16th! Sign up here:

That’s right! Commanders from across the galaxy have for YEARS fought tooth-and-nail to win control of Syrtis Major, and FINALLY the ultimate champion of this abundant, mass-rich … Continue reading

Server update


There will be a server update/restart on Monday 4/03/19 around 13h GMT+1

This update will bring the following changes to the server :

  • Various code cleanups (internal)
  • The control server now displays some stats about the number of games hosted and players connected
  • The game title, if set … Continue reading

March Map Spotlight

Greetings, Commanders!

MikZZ presents four maps of various topology, sure to bring you diverse gameplay!

Misterious Z

10x10km, 6 players

The secret laboratory was located away from the theater of operations. Tests and improvements ended suddenly, the whole team was destroyed and the results were lost when the earth awoke. … Continue reading

New report form

Hello everyone!

We’ve finally pushed to the website a feature that had been teased a few months earlier : the new report form!

You can access it here :

It will slowly and definitely replace the old one (the google form one), we’re replacing the links one by one … Continue reading