Regarding the PC Vote

Hello Commanders,

Due to a change in approach by one of the applicants, we have decided after great deliberation that we are going to restart the voting process and include FtXCommando. We appreciate the feedback that you have all provided about our previous decision, and we accept that mistakes were … Continue reading

E-Mail server incident


We had troubles with our email server configuration which resulted in certain email providers (especially rejecting our emails.

This has now been fixed.

Most providers now accept our emails, but they might still classify it as SPAM. If you sign up for FAF, reset your password or expect … Continue reading

Balance Patch 3696

Hello Commanders,

Tonight we are releasing Balance Patch 3696, the long awaited T3 rebalance patch. Patchnotes can be found here:
PetricPwnz has put together an in-depth video explaining the reasoning behind many of the changes here:

For questions, query’s, feedback and anything in between visit … Continue reading

Website updates

Hello everyone,

our website has received some updates.

  • You are now able to recover your password with your username or your email (instead of both before).
  • Steam linking should be working again. Please consider the latest steam changes. You need to set your profile and your game list to … Continue reading