Chat update battle in progress!!

Today 23.1.2017 IRC chat is being updated to support over 1000 connections Detailed report below Coallition Archives Day X: [1253] QAI has rebelled, following the orders of the Seraphim, crippling Quantum Communication (#aeolus) disallowing communication on FAF. [1255] AeonCommander joining Order forces to support QAI’s efforts [1301] Emergency meeting room … Continue reading

FAF Client 0.12.0 Preview 3

Get FAF Client 0.12.0-pre3 from Github! This is the last preview release of version 0.12 of the official FAF Python Client. It contains a good amount of improvements and fixes on top of the last preview release. Changes since 0.12.0-pre2: replace Tab Livestreams with (old) Unit Database (#539) Add logging … Continue reading