Minions, Legends, and Betas

Hi everyone, IceDreamer here. Quick status update: The Beta preview is still ongoing, and I’ve been getting nice feedback from my minions. I need more though! So far we’ve addressed a game freeze issue, ships sinking through land occasionally, and Exp explosions sometimes being played twice. In the meantime though, … Continue reading

Ladder map pool survey

Hello Commander! In the past 2 weeks we tested a new 1v1 automatch (1v1 ladder) map rotation system, where there were only 5 maps in the pool (reduced from 16). More info here: I would like to asks anyone who have a few spare minutes, to fill this quick … Continue reading

Infinite War Series

The Infinite War series, authored by Philippe Painchaud (Dotswarlock on the GPG forums) is a succession of fanfiction books set from 20 years before the events of Supreme Commander, to the events of Forged Alliance. The books have received a terrific reception among fans of the game. The entire finished … Continue reading

Apology from FAF Discord Team

Hello Commanders, Unfortunately, today our Discord server was targeted by a group of hackers and they made quite an impact on the users who are in it. First off, I would like to sincerely apologise for what happened today and to those who were affected. Luckily, I was warned by … Continue reading

Avatars reset

Removing avatars works again and with that most of the avatars given out as tournament prizes got reset. From now on they will be given only for a certain time period as it was intended in the first place. The exact lenght will be decided soon and it will be … Continue reading