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Steam OpenId – Account linker.

Steam OpenId – Account linker.

Steam logo.For now, Forged Alliance Account were tied to computers. It was not possible to create or log in a second account on a single computer.

This protection is there to reduce the amount of smurfs.

Smurfing is utilizing an account with a lower ranking than usual to beat up on lesser players.

It is now possible to use an additional method to ‘validate’ your account, using your Steam Id.

It will tie your FAF account to your steam Id, using steam openid authentication ( Using that, your Steam login and password will be never asked and/or linked to the database.

Only your steam Id will be used ( It only allow the access to your Steam public profile, as well as your list of owned game.
FAF only check the presence of Forged Alliance in that list once, and doesn’t save any game or public profile information in the database.

Doing this allow:

  • Playing on a Virtual Machine.
  • Logging several accounts on the same computer.
  • Go freely on any other computer.


  • When a FAF account linked to Steam is used on a computer, all the accounts used on that computer must use a linked profile too. Ask the owner of the computer before logging in with your linked account!
  • You can only tie one FAF account to a single Steam account.
  • There is no coming back. Once your account is linked, it’s not possible to un-link it. (that option may or may not be possible in the future).

The Steam Linker page :