New clan app + Website update

The website has just been updated and now displays a live player/game counter on the front page. But most importantly:

The new clan app is here! You can check it out at:

(currently still in testing, be sure to forward any bug or feature request to )

Have a nice day!

  • Louvegarde

Server update 11:00 UTC


Today the server will be restarted for update at 11:00 UTC. We dont expect the downtime to be longer than ten minutes or so.

The highlight of this release is the revamped matchmaking system which includes a new and hopefully improved matchmaking algorithm. To enable the new algorithm, the matchmaker now runs on a time based schedule which adjusts depending on how many people are queued. Players who are further to the front of the queue will have higher priority during the matchmaking system, and players who are not matched during one round will naturally move up in the next one.

Other noteworthy changes:

  • The server now sends a deprecation warning to unofficial clients on login
  • Fixed an error when liking mods that don’t have a thumbnail

You can check the full changelog here:

Thanks to Askaholic for the server work!

Have a nice day


Server maintenance

Hello everyone!

Next monday (20/05/2019) at 11:00 GMT+0 , the server will be shut down for an update. This should not last more than an hour, and service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Here’s the update changelog :

• Ladder games will start correctly even if the host takes longer than 4 seconds to set up the lobby

• Rewrote some elements of the ladder in preparation for team matchmaking

• If you are banned, the server will tell you how much time is left on your ban

Big thanks to Askaholic who did most of the job on the server recently, and on this update in particular 🙂

Have a nice day!

– Louvegarde


ICE is here!

Hello everyone,

ICE has been our solution to tackle the recurring connection issues occurring with some players, and to fix disconnects and improve reconnection as we can.

Today, ICE has been deployed on the server. This means that the client you are using is no longer compatible, (it doesn’t implement ICE connection code). You need to download the latest official client to be able to connect to the server using ICE.

Download it here :

Latest version is 0.10.4! Make sure to update!

The legacy client may or may not receive ICE support in the future.

If you are still experiencing connection issues, disconnects, or any other issue with the ICE client, please post on the following thread : so that we can gather feedback and improve the adapter.

Big shoutout to Askaholic and Geosearchef (and me?!) for their amazing work on the python server and/or ICE adapter 🙂

Have a nice day !

– Louvegarde


Server downtime 20/04/2019 – ICE Deployment

Greetings everyone,

Saturday 20/04/2019 at 13h UTC+0 we will deploy a new version of the server and client that will enable ICE functionality for everyone.

This version has been tested, but not on production scale, and unforeseen bugs or technical problems may occur during the following days. We will make sure any issue will be patched or helped with as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

Have a nice day,

Geosearchef & Louvegarde