Promotion Tournament

Shared Army Tournament #2

Hosted by: keyser

The next edition to the Shared Army Tournament is here! Take part in a solo or cooperative effort as teams of up to three players control a single army with a single ACU, using the “Shared Army” mod.

Sign ups: On the forum linked below.


  • Max rating cap of 5500, using highest rating from global and ladder leaderboards.
  • Number of players per team can go from 1-3.

Tournament Date: September 21st, at 17:00 GMT

For further details about this tournament, contact the TDs and check out the Forum OP:

Promotion Tournament

Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Hosted by: Saske_kaske, Bravo, and Resistance

Take part of an epic clan war to earn your place as the dominant force in the galaxy! The tournament will play out with a massive map pool and take place over 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games, with each clan earning a point through victory.

Sign ups: Reply on the forum link with your clan’s name, and a representing member of said clan (if needed to verify).

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Only clans that got a minimum number of 7 active members that played 100+ games are allowed to take part in the tournament.
  • A clanless player can join during the tournament and still register as a part of a clan, however, players that are going to change the clan during the event can not play it till the end of the tournament.

Tournament Date: September 22nd, at 18:00 GMT+0

For further details about this tournament, contact the TDs and check out the Forum OP:

Promotion Tournament

The Grand Master Cup: Season 3

Hosted by: Rowey

Third iteration of the Grand Master tournament series.

To sign up:

The third season for the Grand Master Cup is here! Take your chances in a 32 player match up in the Qualifying Rounds, and fight your way to be among the final contestants in the Competitive Rounds! Will you prove yourself to be the Grand Master and take home that title?

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • 1500 Global or Ladder

Tournament Date: The tournament must have at least 32 sign ups to proceed; once this requirement is met, the tournament director will set up the qualifying rounds to take place in an extended time frame, and decide the date for the final competitive rounds.

For further specifications for this tournament, contact Rowey and/or check out the Forum OP:


Equilibrium Tournament #8 – U3500 2v2 Tournament

People kept asking for another one so its back by popular demand!

Click to sign up!

Saturday, 24th of November, 17:00 UTC

Prize pool:
First place: Fixed In Equilibrium Avatar  + 25 EUR for each player!
Second place: Faction Face Avatar
Third place: Faction Logo Avatar

How to sign up:
To sign up, and for more info, visit the forum thread here:


Master & Apprentice 2v2 U3300

Master & Apprentice

Global score will be the rating to go by in this tournament. Both players need to be with in the rating cap of 3300 Global points
Master = O1500
Apprentice = U1300

Date : 1st Sep 3PM UTC

1st : £10 Steam Code + 2v2 Ava
2nd : Faction Face Ava
3rd : Faction Logo Ava

TD: Rowey

Format: This will be a double elimination. Round will be BO3 and BO5 for the final.

Maps: To be announced.

Full Details: