ladder Tournament

Ladder week map pool

Hello Commanders!

Don’t forget to participate in the Ladder Week Tournament starting right now!

1v1 Automatch (Ladder) Maps for this week are:
Crimson Feud
Cobalt Valley
Forbidden Pass
Roanoke Abyss
FA Update ladder

Lobby 0.10.94 – New matchmaker function.


  • Fixing an error with corrupted replays.
  • Custom map pool for the matchmaker.

How is matchmaker working now?

You are now selecting the maps you want to play out of 80+ maps.

When you are matched against someone, the server is checking both players map list, make a common pool of your maps, and randomly choose one in that list.

What if I didn’t select any map, or there is no common maps?

You need to have at least 15 maps in common.

If it’s not the case, the server is throwing a dice. Depending of the result (random), it will complete the list to have 15 maps with one of these rules :

  • Select the top selected/popular maps. (it’s similar to constant poll over the map list).
  • Randomly select map in the map pool of player 1.
  • Randomly select map in the map pool of player 2.

For the last two cases, if it still doesn’t have 15 maps at the end, it will use the first case to complete the list.

If there is no common map, you have 33% chances of having a map of your list, 33% of having a popular map (can be ones of your list), and 33% chances of playing the favorite map of your enemy.

If there are some common maps, the chances of having a map of your list are of course higher.

So, to have more chances to play a map you like, you have to select at least 15 of them, but it’s not mandatory.


League Season 4 !

The league season 4 has started !justiceLeague

The ladder is as followed (given by the winners of the last season) :

  • 8 – Badlands_v4
  • loki
  • TAG_Craftious Maximus
  • TAG_Voi_Vittu
  • Twin Rivers
  • Setons Lite
  • Forbidden Pass
  • Seraphim Glaciers
  • Theta Passage
  • Fields of Isis
  • Canis River
  • Syrtis Major
  • Sentry Point
  • Roanoke Abyss
  • Arctic Refuge
  • Vya-3 Protectorate
  • Four-Leaf Clover
  • Blasted Rock
  • Ambush Pass
  • Crag Dunes
  • Williamson’s Bridge
  • Haven Reef
  • The Dark Heart
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Balvery Mountains
  • Summer Duel
  • desert arena
  • White Fire v2
  • Cobalt Valley – Beta v4

This season will be longer than usual, ending the 22 december (it will cover almost two seasons to catch up with the late ending of season 3). A map change may happen at mid-season.


Season 2 Champions !

The league season 2 has ended, and here are the winners !

The winners won a League Season 2 Champion avatar (gold, silver and bronze) for life !



Scout League :

  1. PuddleJumper with 580 points.
  2. Flynn with 443 points.
  3. Aldarion with 396 points.

Tier 1 League :

  1. olave with 313 points.
  2. silent with 295 points.
  3. tnt with 265 points.

Tier 2 League :

  1. Kung_Lao with 279 points.
  2. dunkleosteus with 267 points.
  3. ZUNNY with 200 points.

Tier 3 League :

  1. BC_Buettel with 124 points.
  2. C4RL170S_PT with 115 points.
  3. In-Com with 95 points.

XP League :

  1. BlackDeath with 336 points.
  2. WorstPlayerEver with 223 points.
  3. VoR_MadStork with 210 points.

Congratulations to them !



Ladder Season 3 ! Map poll vote.

The third season is about to begin !

The top 3 of each league from season 2 will be rewarded with an unique custom avatar, until season 4.

There will be given in about 15 days.

For now, you can vote for maps of season 3 by logging in with your FAF client.

Surveys link :

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