FtXCommando and Morax win Councillorships

The election results are in!

FtXCommando has been reelected to the Player Councillor position and Morax has won the election for the Maps & Mods Councillor position.

Through the voting process the FAF Community has expressed high confidence in the candidates’ capacities to uphold the duties of the highly privileged Councillorships. Both individuals have long been pillars of the FAF Project, and the Council of Setons is immensely proud to work with such committed advocates for improving players’ experiences on FAF.

Congrats again to FtXCommando and Morax for winning the elections!




2v2 Master’s Cup Tournament Live

Greetings Commanders,

The finals of the 2v2 Master’s Cup, hosted by Morax, have begun! More than just pride is on the line as 5 teams duke it out for a piece of the 600$ prize pool in a fierce round-robin to be held over the next few weeks!

For more details,  check out

The first four rounds have been played today, and several of the games have been casted by UnorthodoxBox (with cocasters Morax and ThomasHiatt), here!:

The qualified teams are as follows:

Blackheart & Petric

Nexus & Blodir

ZLO & Mozart

JaggedAppliance & Farmsletje

Dro & Death_Squad

For the most up-to-date scores, check out the Challonge Bracket here:



Map Generator from Neroxis Released

Greetings Commanders,

Neroxis has created a random map generator for the FAF lobby. You must have the latest version of Downlord’s FAF Client (0.10.6-beta)! In order to host a game with a random map, simply click “Generate Map” below the list of maps in the custom game creation window, confirm that the new map is selected in your list of maps, then create your game!

Explore an infinite number of environments in which to crush your opponents with Neroxis’ Map Generator!

Note: The map generator is still under development and Neroxis wants your feedback! Forum thread is here:



100$ FFA Battle Royale Tournament

Hello Commanders!

This Saturday, May 18th (16:00 GMT), there will be an FFA Tournament hosted by Saske Kaske and Bravo_!

Sign up for your chance for glory and fame!:

–> FFA Battle Royale Tournament Signups <–

Prizes are as follows:
1st place – 60$
2nd place – 30$
3rd place – 10$

Additionally, the tournament will be casted on Saske_Kaske’s YouTube channel which you can check out here:

Saske_Kaske’s YouTube Channel

Good luck Commanders!


Voting Begins for Councillor Elections

Greetings Commanders!

Voting has begun for the Player Councillor and Map and Mods Councillor elections.

Click here to review the candidates’ applications and vote: