FAF Council

PC Vote Results

Greetings Commanders,

Voting has closed, and the results are in. We are excited to provide the results for you all.

Before we reveal the winner, we’d like to thank everyone who applied for the role, we appreciate the time you have put in and your patience during the voting process. We hope that everyone will continue to contribute regardless of title.

We’re happy to announce that the winner is FtXCommando!

For those interested, here are the statistics for the voting process:

In total, we received 391 first-priority votes and 369 second-priority votes. Tallying the results of the first-picks, we get the following:


Sum of first-pick votes in detail:

Rowey        91
Picoo        12
Biass        100
GFY_DePonny  63
FtXCommando  125

Alternative voting works as follows: In sequence, we eliminate the candidate with the lowest votes, and redistribute first-pick votes to said candidate across the remaining candidates, according to their 2nd preference. Doing this results in graphs as follows:

Runoff 1 (Eliminating Picoo)

Runoff 2 (Eliminating GFY_DePonny)

Runoff 3 (Eliminating Rowey)

In the end after 3 runoff rounds, the result is 132 votes for biass and 173 votes for FtXCommando, so FtXCommando wins and is our new player councilor.

Full numbers and the python source code that generated this is available here:

An alternative excel-based runoff iteration was made by giebmasse here, confirming the result:

– The FAF Council


Regarding the PC Vote

Hello Commanders,

Due to a change in approach by one of the applicants, we have decided after great deliberation that we are going to restart the voting process and include FtXCommando. We appreciate the feedback that you have all provided about our previous decision, and we accept that mistakes were made during the process. To make the process completely fair, everyone will have to vote again. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this and thank everyone who already voted.

You can cast your new ballot vote for the player councilor position here.

The voting period will be extended and run until midnight June 24th, CEST.

Kind Regards,
The FAF Council


PC Vote (Jun 9 – Jun 20)

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the hard work of Axel12, Downlord and Rackover, you can now vote for the currently vacant position of Player Councilor.

The process works by going to and signing in with your FAF-account.

Please beware you need to have played at least 10 games to vote!

You pick a 1st and a 2nd preference, so even if some candidates are well liked by the same groups of players, they are still fairly represented.

The voting will be open until Jun 20th.


With Regards,
The Council


Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Hello Commanders,

As you may be aware, the GDPR takes effect today the 25th of May, 2018. As such, we’ve created a Terms of Service agreement and a Privacy Policy governing user interaction with FAF. Please take your time to read them, since your agreement with their terms is required to use FAF.

You can contact us at if you disagree with the terms and wish to request deletion of your data.




FA Update

Game Engine Update

We’ve pushed a small update to ForgedAlliance.exe as a standalone update outside of the normal game patch releases. This update addresses the following issue:

Where double-clicking on wall-sections would not cause group selection.


Many thanks to Kyryl (Etherr) for the tweaking of the game binary to make this work!