Temporary disruption on FAF services

Dear Commander,

yesterday we found a security vulnerability in our API. After some evaluation yesterday we decided that we immediately need to hotfix this issue regardless of the impact it will have on our other services.

As a result of that a lot of errors will occur around FAF and stuff will break, especially in the area of statistics. The website was down but now is back up, however some functionality of it is still broken 🙁 Also in the client (especially in the vault) a lot of things are not working correctly.

We are in contact with the developers of the library where the problem occurs and are searching for a solution. However the current situation might last for a week or longer.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the protection of your personal data has the highest priority.

See the forum thread:

See the status page:

Development Update FA Update

New executable

Hello Commanders!

We’ve pushed a new executable (ForgedAlliance.exe) on the production server which was modified in order to avoid desync issues in games and replays that occurred a lot when a user was leaving the game.

In order to make this possible the UI will be put to a halt for 10 ticks which takes about one second.
We hope that this new exe will help users and especially casters/streamers since watching desynced replays is not very enjoyable for anyone.

Massive thanks to Kyryl for delivering this improvement to the FAF community.

Happy 2020 and good luck on the battlefield!
~ The development team

Development Update FA Update

Game Patch 3708

Hello Commanders!

Today we released a new development patch with the patch number 3708!
New features include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved shader for Seraphim
  • A Curated Maps Button in the game lobby to promote maps picked by the M&M Councilor
  • Auto fill lobby slots
  • Remove invulnerability from the Novax Satellite to avoid bug abuses
  • Destroying the Billy Nuclear Missile when hitting Aeon TMD projectiles

You can find more information about this patch and a list of people who contributed to it on our github repository!

Thanks to all the people who help improving the game!
~ The dev team

Development Update Server Update

replay server switch

Hello Commanders,

after a few weeks of testing we are now using the new replay server which was written by Mazernoob and Dragonite.

The old replay server had two big issues which we hope to resolve with this new server:
1. Broken replays due to the server not picking the correct file
2. The current server needs to be restarted on a regular basis due to high cpu load

If you have any issues with the new replay server then please inform us by posting on the tech support sub forum.

Best Regards,
~the dev team

Development Update FA Update

3706 hotfix patch

Hello Commanders!

Due to issues with the last patch we had to revert the executable for the game which is currently causing issues with the legacy client.
Fortunately we were able to get a quick fix for the exe from Kyril/FAETHER which is going to be deployed with this hotfix.

The game patch 3706 also contains the following changes:

  • improved team kill detection
  • increased wait time to make a team kill report
  • several weapon category fixes
  • Sera ACU PhaseShield mesh fix

If you wish to help us testing then please keep an eye on the forum where we will inform you about upcoming changes and how to help us test them.

Best Regards
~ The dev team