FA Update

3698 Hotfix

Hello Commanders,

We just released an hot fix (3698) for the AI taking over the player in the ladder, which was not suppose to happen. This hot fix should also fix the no rush timer enhancement from 3697 . It wasn’t working due to the new executable that wasn’t correctly shipped in.

Some people have been asking to add an option for the addition of coloured pseudo in the lobby chat, we got that covered, but the change still need some fine-tuning (which might take some time). Thus it will be introduced in the next patch.

Thanks for the feedback.

Happy Hunting,
The Game Dev Team


Master & Apprentice 2v2 U3300

Master & Apprentice

Global score will be the rating to go by in this tournament. Both players need to be with in the rating cap of 3300 Global points
Master = O1500
Apprentice = U1300

Date : 1st Sep 3PM UTC

1st : £10 Steam Code + 2v2 Ava
2nd : Faction Face Ava
3rd : Faction Logo Ava

TD: Rowey

Format: This will be a double elimination. Round will be BO3 and BO5 for the final.

Maps: To be announced.

Full Details:

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Upcoming game patch 3697

Hello Commanders!

It’s been quite some time since we had our last game patch.
If my memory doesn’t trick me then the last one was probably last December actually.

Some of you may have noticed the lack of time that Icedreamer can spend on the FAF project and in order to not let everyone’s effort in helping out go to waste he asked a few contributors to help him maintain the game development process on github.

Keyser and I have tried our best to get Pull Request tested, reviewed and finally merged and now we’re confident that we have enough changes to justify rolling out a new patch.

I won’t list every change here and just link the changelog on github instead since i’m too lazy to format stuff here properly.

All the changes that are listed on github are already in the FAF Develop game mode in your FAF client so you can play that instead of the current FAF patch to test the new changes and hopefully provide some feedback here.

Sadly there are still a few open Pull Requests on Github but we had to choose a date for the patch otherwise we’d just postpone it again and again.

Hopefully we can keep up the speed of development we had in the last few weeks so we can further improve the game and ship a new patch in a reasonable amount of time.

I hope that we can deliver the 3697 patch next weekend.
Thank you to all the coders, code reviewers and testers who help us improve the game.

Moderation Announcement

FAF Rules [Last Updated July, 2018]

The rule changes below are not retroactive and are for the moment subject to change as we work towards improving and consolidating the rules. Keep in mind that lobby rules in essence apply not only to #aeolus but also to your in-game behavior. If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact the IRC moderator usergroup.

To report infractions of other users, it is recommended to use this form:
Mod Report Form:


    • – Overview
    • – FAF Rules
    • – In-game Rules
    • – Communicating on FAF
    • – Forum Rules
    • – Penalties & violations
    • – Appealing bans & contacting moderation

FAF moderation is active on all products and services that Forged Alliance Forever provides. This includes the clients, behaviour in game, on the forums, and on other platforms such as slack.


This is a short overview of the rules. For any moderating purpose, only the complete rules will be taken in account : this summary is for your information only.

– Do not harass, defame, or discriminate other players on their sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, nationality.
– Do not invade other people’s privacy
– Do not use FAF to violate any law
– No abusing multiple accounts
– Do not attempt to manipulate your account or to exploit game bugs
– Do not discuss drugs, illegal content, pornography, don’t spam nor impersonate any other user

– You are responsible for everything you do
– By using FAF services you agree to the rules detailed in this forum post
– If you don’t comply with FAF rules, the moderation team can and will warn, kick, or/and ban you from using FAF services.

Full deatils:


Galaxy Resistance Ladder Events Season 1

The Galaxy Resistance Event will take place for a set duration of 8 weeks at a time with a 4 week grace period between. This will be very similar to ladder week but for a longer duration.

Season 1 
Start Date For Season 1: 10th Aug 2018 00:00am UTC
End Date For Season 1: 28th Sep 12:00pm UTC

Leaderboard :

– All games will be counted from midnight on the start day of the event and any games started before the end date but finishing after the end time will count.
– This is strictly ladder games. Custom 1v1’s do not count for points on the leaderboard.

– Players will receive 2 points win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.
– Game results will automatically be added to the leaderboard here: Not Available yet

– Players will be split in to the 4 divisions listed : U599, 600-1099, 1100-1599, O1600
– The player with the most points in each division at the end of Galaxy Resistance will receive the Galaxy Resistance avatar (pending)
– Players will be placed in divisions based on their ladder rating reported after their first game of Galaxy Resistance
– Players will not be moved into another division if their ladder rating moves into another division range during the course of ladder week
– You will be place in the division bases on your ladder rank after your first game when the season is live

– There will be an avatar awarded to each of the players who is at the top of the leaderboard.
– In the case of a tie the winner will be determined by the player that has the most wins, and if it’s still a tie the winner will be determined by player with the the fewest losses.
– Avatar that will be used is the Ladder Warrior